Tower of Snakes

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"Tower of Snakes"
Single by Eighteen Visions
from the album Obsession
RecordedMaple St. Studio in Santa Ana, CA
GenrePost-hardcore, alternative metal
Songwriter(s)Keith Barney, Ken Floyd, James Hart, Mick Morris,
Producer(s)Mudrock, Scott Gilman, Fred Archambault
Eighteen Visions singles chronology
"Waiting for the Heavens"
"Tower of Snakes"
"I Let Go"

"Tower of Snakes" was Eighteen Visions second single from the album Obsession, and is often regarded as one of their most popular songs.

One of the very few songs that were finished by the time they went to studio to track down the record, it was written by then-drummer Ken Floyd while he was still playing in metal band Throwdown. Described during the release of the album by members of the band as the "most punishing song" they ever wrote, it is most notable for its mid-song palm-muted open B breakdown punctuated by minor 2nd horror chords, a technique commonly used in modern hardcore, which stood out from the rest of the otherwise Post-grunge/Emo vibe of the record.

The rest of the song minus the double bass breaks features mixolydian single-note downtempo riffs played on the low string, and an Eb/E power chord progression that adds a major 12th on the first chord that does not move on the second one, which is reminiscent of Around the Fur-era Deftones.

"Tower of Snakes" was usually the live show closer from 2004 to 2007, and it was common for the band to play the breakdown once again after the song was finished.

The music video was directed by Christopher Sims.


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