Transistor Revolt

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Transistor Revolt
Transistor revolt.jpg
EP by Rise Against
Released 2000
Recorded 2000
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 8:31
Label Self-released
Producer Dan Wlekinski
Rise Against chronology
Transistor Revolt
The Unraveling
(2001)The Unraveling2001

Transistor Revolt is the eponymous self-released EP by the melodic hardcore band Rise Against whilst under the name "Transistor Revolt". It was released in CD format and is no longer in print, as all tracks were re-recorded for the band's debut album, The Unraveling, which was released after the band changed its name to "Rise Against" in 2001.[1] The EP is the only release to feature original drummer Toni Tintari, who left the band in late 2000 before recording for The Unraveling began.


Transistor Revolt was produced shortly after Transistor Revolt's formation in late 1999 after lead vocalist (and later guitarist) Tim McIlrath met bassist Joe Principe at a Sick of It All concert. McIlrath was invited to sing over the tracks which the existing members had written, and soon afterward joined the band.[2] In early 2000, the band recorded their eponymous demo album through a recording studio set up by Mr. Precision, who also worked as an assistant audio engineer on the band's 2001 debut full-length album The Unraveling. The demo's distribution caught the attention of Fat Wreck Chords manager Fat Mike, which the band signed onto the label to record The Unraveling and Revolutions per Minute.[3] Shortly after the demo's release, Toni Tintari left the band, and was replaced by Brandon Barnes from Pinhead Circus.[4]

All songs were re-recorded for appearance on The Unraveling, with the exception of "Join the Ranks," which was featured as a bonus track on The Unraveling's 2005 Reissue. "Two" was re-titled as "401 Kill" for the release.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Reception Fades" 1:56
2. "The Art of Losing" 3:23
3. "Two" 1:47
4. "Join the Ranks" 1:25
Total length: 8:31


Rise Against


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