Arma Angelus

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Arma Angelus
OriginChicago, Illinois, U.S.
GenresMetalcore, hardcore punk[1]
Years active1998–2002
LabelsEulogy, Let It Burn Records
Associated acts
Past members

Arma Angelus was a metalcore band from Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2002. Members of the band were Pete Wentz[2] (vocals, now bass guitarist and backing vocalist in Fall Out Boy), Tim McIlrath[2] (bass guitar, now lead singer of Rise Against), Jay Jancetic (guitar, last played guitar for the Chicago "Holy Roman Empire" and Harm's Way), Daniel Binaei (guitarist, formerly of Racetraitor), Adam Bishop (guitarist, now an English teacher at San Dieguito Academy High School in Encinitas, California) and Timothy Miller (drums, Last played drums for Arizona-based punk band Last Action Zeros & now owner of Immortal Art Tattoo & Body Piercing, located in Scottsdale, Arizona).

After McIlrath left to form Rise Against, he was replaced in 1999 by Christopher Gutierrez (known to Fall Out Boy fans as the "Hey, Chris" in "Grenade Jumper" from Take This to Your Grave). Gutierrez is now a touring author and spoken word artist.[3] He was replaced as bass guitarist for one tour by Joseph Trohman (also a guitarist in Fall Out Boy and in The Damned Things). He was replaced mid-tour when the band flew Chris Gutierrez out to New York for the final half of their tour, including a stop at CBGBs. In the last Arma Angelus concert, (which also had Fall Out Boy billed) Patrick Stump played drums, Pete Wentz sang and Joe Trohman played guitar, along with Adam Bishop, and Christopher Gutierrez on bass guitar.[citation needed]


The band's primary influence was Damnation A.D.

Band members[edit]



Studio albums
Extended plays
  • The Personal Is Political (Demo) (2000)
  • The Grave End of the Shovel EP (2000), Let It Burn Records, Happy Couples Never Last Records
Guest appearances
  • Things We Don't Like We Destroy: Let It Burn Sampler (2002), Let It Burn Records


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