Tribute to Eddie

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Tribute to Eddie
Studio album by Heinz
Released March 1964
Label Decca LK 4599
Producer Joe Meek

Tribute to Eddie is the only album by singer Heinz. It is a tribute to Eddie Cochran.


Side 1

  1. "Come On and Dance"
  2. "Cut Across Shorty" (M. Wilkin, M. Walker)
  3. "Don't Keep Pickin' at Me" (Meek)
  4. "Hush-A-Bye" (Goddard)
  5. "I Remember"
  6. "Look for a Star"
  7. "My Dreams"

Side 2

  1. "Rumble in the Night"
  2. "(Sorry) I Ran all the Way Home"
  3. "Summertime Blues" (Cochran, Capehart)
  4. "Three Steps to Heaven" (E. Cochran, B. Cochran)
  5. "Tribute to Eddie"
  6. "Twenty Flight Rock" (Cochran, Fairchild)
  7. "Just Like Eddie" (Goddard)