Troublesome Night 5

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Troublesome Night 5
Film poster
Traditional 陰陽路5之一見發財
Simplified 阴阳路5之一见发财
Mandarin Yīn Yáng Lù Wǔ Zhī Yī Jiàn Fā Cái
Cantonese Jam1 Joeng4 Lou6 Ng5 Zi1 Jat1 Gin3 Faat3 Coi4
Directed by Herman Yau
Produced by Nam Yin
Written by Kenneth Lau
Chang Kwok-tse
Music by Mak Jan-hung
Cinematography Joe Chan
Edited by Tony Chow
B&S Limited
Nam Yin Production Co., Ltd.
Release date
  • 22 January 1999 (1999-01-22)
Running time
89 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Troublesome Night 5 is a 1999 Hong Kong horror comedy film produced by Nam Yin and directed by Herman Yau. It is the fifth of the 19 films in the Troublesome Night film series.


This film contains three short stories. The first is about a taxi driver who picks up five different passengers: a gang boss, a fake ghost, a mysterious old woman, an edgy lady and a real ghost. The second story is about a family who moves to a new home, which turns out to be haunted. The phantom is responsible for the family's sudden increase in wealth but also for their uneasiness. The third story is about a night shift security guard who encounters strange events.


  • Louis Koo as Fa / Lam Chung-fat
  • Simon Lui as Crazy Kon / "Fast Car" Cheung
  • Law Lan as Old woman
  • Wayne Lai as Dee
  • Frankie Ng as Wah
  • Chin Kar-lok as Big B / Brother Bee
  • Emily Kwan as Kon's client
  • Amanda Lee as Fa's wife / Lam Chung-fat's wife
  • Ben Ng as Ghost
  • John Dang as Grown-up Fa / Lam Chung-fat's son
  • Perrie Lai as Big B's woman / Brother Bee's girl
  • Lee Kin-yan as Traffic policeman
  • Lui Daat as Ghost
  • Natalie Wong
  • Mok Wai-man as Security guard

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