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This article is about the West Rail Line Tuen Mun Station. For the Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop, see Tuen Mun Stop.
Tuen Mun
Hong Kong MTR rapid transit station
Tuen Mun Station 2013 08 part1.JPG
Tuen Mun Station platform
Hong Kong MTR system map
Hong Kong MTR system map
Location of Tuen Mun Station in Hong Kong
Station location and services
Line      West Rail Line
Code TUM
District Tuen Mun
Area Intersection between Pui To Road and Tuen Mun River, Tuen Mun
Coordinates 22°23′43″N 113°58′23″E / 22.3952°N 113.9731°E / 22.3952; 113.9731Coordinates: 22°23′43″N 113°58′23″E / 22.3952°N 113.9731°E / 22.3952; 113.9731
Service hours 0545-0015
Station design
Livery  035F94
Structure Elevated
Platforms 2
Type of platforms Island
Exits 5
Escalators 11
Lifts 4
Opened 20 December 2003
Rail services
Preceding station   MTR   Following station
towards Hung Hom
West Rail Line Terminus

Tuen Mun Station
Traditional Chinese 屯門
Simplified Chinese 屯门
Exterior of Tuen Mun Station
Tuen Mun Station concourse

Tuen Mun (Chinese: 屯門站) is a MTR station in Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong. It is the northern terminus of the West Rail Line. The station is elevated over the Tuen Mun River, near the Town Park in the centre of Tuen Mun New Town. The first train to Hung Hom departs at 5:45 a.m., and the last train departs at 12:15 a.m. the day after.

It is an interchange station with the Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop and Ho Tin Stop. A public transport interchange adjacent to the station gives passengers direct access to the station concourse via escalators and stairs.


See also: San Fat Estate

Tuen Mun Station is adjacent to the former site of San Fat Estate, the first public housing estate in Tuen Mun, which was demolished in 2001 because of its age, and to provide a construction site for the station.[1]

There is a plaque in the station concourse commemorating the topping out of the station. It was unveiled by the then-Chairman and Chief Executive of KCR Corporation, K.Y. Yeung, on 14 November 2001.

Station layout[edit]

Platform 2      West Rail Line towards Hung Hom (Siu Hong)
Island platform, doors will open on the left or right
Platform 1      West Rail Line towards Hung Hom (Siu Hong)
Light Rail
Ho Tin Stop
Exit F, Taxi Stand, drop-off area
Concourse Exit, customer services, toilets
MTRShops, vending machines, ATMs
Light Rail
Tuen Mun Stop
Exit B,      Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop, MTRShops
Light Rail
Ho Tin Stop
     Light Rail Ho Tin Stop
Exit C Exit C1, C2, public transport interchange
Light Rail
Tuen Mun Stop

Platforms 1 and 2 share the same island platform. Passengers can catch eastbound West Rail Line trains on either platform.


  • A: Pui To Road
  • B: Light Rail - Tuen Mun Wheelchair user access
  • C1: Pui To Road Wheelchair user access
  • C2: Public Transport Interchange Wheelchair user access
  • D, E: Century Gateway, V City
  • F1: Taxi Stand Wheelchair user access
  • F2: Light Rail - Ho Tin

Public light bus[edit]

46: Fu Tai to Tuen Mun Town Centre
46A: Noble Hill to Tuen Mun Town Centre