MTR Light Rail Route 505

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Light Rail Route 505
LRT 505 Siu Lun.JPG
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West Rail Line
to Hung Hom
Siu Hong     
Kei Lun
Ching Chung
Kin Sang
Tin King
Leung King
San Wai
Fare zone 3
Fare zone 2
Shek Pai
Shan King (North)
Ming Kum
Shan King (South)
Kin On
Tuen Mun River
Tuen Mun     
Town Centre
On Ting
Fare zone 2
Fare zone 1
Siu Lun
Sam Shing

Route 505 is an MTR Light Rail route linking Sam Shing Stop and Siu Hong Stop, in the southern and northern parts of Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, respectively. The route is coloured red on the Light Rail system map. The route has three one-way segments: Kei Lun and Siu Hong are on a one-way clockwise loop at the northern end of the line; and in the middle of the route there is a split such that Shan King (North) and Shan King (South) are only served by northbound trains, and Ming Kum only by southbound trains.

The route began service on September 24, 1988, from Siu Hong to On Ting. At the time, the trains towards Siu Hong had a different number, 504. From February 2, 1992, the route was extended to Sam Shing.