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The Falkirk Wheel
Practice information
Location Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Founded 1956
Buildings Commonwealth Institute
Falkirk Wheel
Scottish Parliament building (with EMBT)
Awards Stirling Prize (2005)

RMJM (Robert Matthew Johnson Marshall) is one of Britain’s largest international architecture and design firms. Founded in 1956 by architects Robert Matthew and Stirrat Johnson-Marshall, RMJM’s first offices were based in London and Edinburgh. RMJM provides services in sustainable design, masterplanning, urban design, spatial planning, landscape design, arts consultancy, historic preservation, computer visualisation and interior design to a range of clients for a variety of sectors, including mixed-use, education, energy, residential, government and hospitality.[1]

In its earlier years, RMJM designed in a functional modern style, with Matthew and Johnson-Marshall as strong proponents of the style in the United Kingdom. Today, RMJM provides architecture, master planning, design, and engineering consultancy services in several sectors. RMJM currently operates out of studios in Istanbul, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Pretoria, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, Kampala, Gaborone, Juba, Karachi, Rome, Cordoba [disambiguation needed], Buenos Aires, La Paz, Monterrey, Panama City and Riyadh.[2]


RMJM was founded by Stirrat Johnson-Marshall and Robert Matthew in 1956. The partnership began following Robert Matthew’s decision to hire Johnson-Marshall to manage the new London office of his architecture practice, which had been set up to oversee the construction of New Zealand House in Haymarket Road, London, described as "London's most distinguished 1960s office block".[3][4]

In 1961 the firm took Tom Spaven, Kenneth Graham, Vernon Lee, John Richards, Chris Carter and Alan Whiteman into partnership. As a result, the practice changed its name to RMJM & Partners.[5] The change in name also marked a shift towards larger international projects; by 1967 the practice employed 350 members of staff between the Edinburgh and London offices.[6]

RMJM began to take on more projects as the need for public sector construction grew,[5] expanding to include a Glasgow studio before extending its reach beyond the British borders. In the late 1960s the firm began working on projects in the United States; further projects in the Middle East and central Asia allowed RMJM to establish several more international studios in the following decades.

Over the next twenty years RMJM continued to expand, and the firm’s modernist, functional style became a trademark. As RMJM moved further into the emerging markets of the Middle East, East Asia and Africa, it began to establish more offices within the respective countries. Today RMJM Limited now has studios in twenty-five countries.[7]

RMJM in Middle East[edit]


In 1960 RMJM were selected by the Pakistani Government to assist in the regeneration of the nation’s capital, Islamabad.[5] The team tasked with the original project were invited to collaborate again in 2011 by the Pakistani Defence Housing Authority.[8] This time, the project involved the design and construction of a new sustainable city just outside Karachi, which began construction in 2012.[9] The collaboration, which also included Osmani, one of Pakistan’s oldest architecture firms, led to the two firms establishing a working relationship that would lead to the formation of RMJM Osmani in 2014.[10]

Saudi Arabia[edit]

RMJM began to work in Saudi Arabia in 1968 following an invitation to design the first plans for the Western region of Saudi Arabia, with master plans for the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina as well as the commercial capital Jeddah.[11] The project included detailed plans for the process of implementing and maintaining the broad area, along with architectural commissions for housing and institutional buildings. The project was hindered by a lack of cartographically correct maps and a language barrier, but following the formation of an interdisciplinary office in Jeddah, the project was completed on time.[6] Today RMJM Saudi Arabia has its headquarters based in Riyadh, but continues to work on projects around the Kingdom, including the Terraces[12] and The Waterfall,[13] two high end mixed use projects located in the King Abdullah Financial District.

The UAE[edit]

RMJM established their United Arab Emirates office in Dubai in early 1971,[14] with the firm poised to take on several projects around the UAE following its formation in July of that year. RMJM was the first registered international consultant to be employed by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai.[11] Over the next four decades RMJM's Dubai studio participated in several UAE projects, including the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC),[14] the Dubai International Convention Centre (DICC)[14] The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)[14] and the World’s furthest leaning building, Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi.[14] Today RMJM are still involved with several projects currently underway in the UAE, including Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi[15] and Palm Island in Dubai.[16]

RMJM in Asia[edit]

RMJM’s first steps into the East Asian market came in the form of designing the United World College for Southeast Asia Modern Architect: The Life and Times of Robert Matthew. 2008. , which was officially opened in Singapore in 1971, becoming a full member of the United World College Organisation in 1975.[17] This was followed by a request to design the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok RMJM: The First Forty Years. 1996.  Since first moving into the Asian market over forty years ago, RMJM have been involved in over 150 projects across the East Asian continent. RMJM have been responsible for the design, development and or construction of over 50 buildings in China, with several projects currently under design or construction. [18] In 2008, RMJM was asked to design one of the landmark buildings for the Beijing Olympic Games[19] The China National Convention Centre, a multi-purpose arena, is now a tourist destination following its role as one of the principal venues for the Beijing Olympic Games.[20] Today RMJM have studios in Shenzhen province and Hong Kong, as well as their principal East Asia Office based in Shanghai.[21]

RMJM in Europe[edit]

Since its foundation in 1956, RMJM has expanded to work on projects across Europe, including the Gazprom Business centre in St Petersburg, Russia and the New Engineering Building for the International University of Galway in Ireland.[22] [23] In 2009, RMJM’s Istanbul Office, working with RMJM’s New-York based design team, announced the commencement of a Mixed Use Development Project in Atasehir, Istanbul. The first phase of the project was completed in late 2011 and was developed in partnership with Turkish real estate development company Varyap.[24] [25] It was Turkey’s first LEED-certified mixed use development.[26]

In December 2011, RMJM acquired YRM, the Nuclear and Energy Specialists, allowing the company to venture into more technologically intensive industries such as environmental engineering.[27] In 2014 RMJM partnered with renowned designers Simone Cellitti and Roberto Tripi, partners of Pentastudio, to create RMJM Italia.[28] In February 2015, RMJM Italia submitted a proposal for the International Design Competition for the City of the Science in Rome in collaboration with RMJM Shenzhen and Japanese architect Waro Kishi.[29][30] Today, RMJM has offices in Edinburgh and London, as well as studios based in Istanbul, Ankara and Rome.


Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg, Russia (Design)[31]
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, India [32]
Charity Hospital, New Orleans
Duke–National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School, Singapore
Jewel and Esk Valley College
University Campus Suffolk
Under construction
5-star hotel Hyatt at Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya, Vladivostok, Russia
5-star hotel Hyatt at Burniy Cave, Vladivostok, Russia
Gate to the East, Suzhou, China
Commonwealth Games Athletes' Village, Glasgow, Scotland [33]
Varyap Meridian Grand Tower 1, Istanbul
Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi
Beijing Olympic Green Convention Center, Beijing, China
Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh, Scotland[34]
Dubai International Convention Centre, Dubai
Falkirk Wheel, UK
GlaxoSmithKline Global HQ, Brentford, England
Sprint World Headquarters Campus, Overland Park, Kansas
Virginia State Capitol restoration, Virginia
Princeton University, Bowen Hall-Princeton Materials Institute
AT&T Corporation headquarters campus, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Commonwealth Institute, London
University of York Campus
University of Stirling Campus
Victoria Quay, Edinburgh
Tron Theatre, Glasgow
University of Cambridge, William Gates and Microsoft Research Buildings
University of Oxford, Chemistry Research Building
Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh, UK
Information Commons, Sheffield, The University of Sheffield, UK

Notable awards[edit]

Building and Design Awards, Best in category School & Education Builds Project of the Year,[35] Faculty of Engineering, National University of Ireland, Ireland
Dubai Cityscape Awards, Winner of Best Overall Project category,[36] Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi
Dubai Cityscape Awards, Winner of Commercial and mixed use category,[36] Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi
Universal Design Award (Gold) from BCA (Singapore Building & Construction Authority), Khoo Teck Puat Hospital , Singapore
11th SIA Architectural Design Awards, Winner of Project of the year category,[37] Khoo Teck Puat Hospital , Singapore
11th SIA Architectural Design Awards, Winner of Best Institutional/Healthcare Building category,[37] Khoo Teck Puat Hospital , Singapore
American Architecture Awards, Winner of Tour Signal Design Competition,[38] Tour Signal Design Competition , Paris, France
International Property Award, Best Architectural Project,[39] Varyap Meridian Grand Tower 1, Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey
Skyrise Greenery Award, First Prize - Completed Projects,[40] Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore
Architectural Record China Awards, Best Residential Project,[41] Evian Town, Suzhou, China
USGBC Maryland Chapter, Special Accomplishment Award,[42] The Athenaeum at Goucher College
Cityscape Abu Dhabi - Middle East Real Estate Awards - Best Commercial / Retail Project Award,[43] Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi
Dubai Cityscape Awards, Special Award - Islamic Architecture Category,[44] Al-Jami'a Al-Asmariya Al Asmariya University at Zliten

Restructuring and new offices[edit]

In October 2012, RMJM's three UK business were restructured. RMJM, RMJM London and RMJM Scotland. KPMG were appointed to manage the restructure.[45] A new business was set up to transfer the current contracts and associated architectural teams, known as RMJM European Division.

In March 2014 RMJM announced the extension of the global RMJM network, with new studios established in China, Pakistan, South Africa, and Bolivia.

In May 2014 RMJM established a joint venture with TÜMAŞ an engineering consultancy in Turkey.


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