Tuggeranong Town Centre

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South.Point Tuggeranong

Tuggeranong Town Centre services the southernmost Canberra district of Tuggeranong. It is located on the south-western side of Lake Tuggeranong and composed of a large two-storey mall called South.Point Tuggeranong, as well as smaller shopping complexes, the Homeworld, and Tuggeranong Shopping Square, and many other buildings and shops. It is also the location of the Tuggeranong Interchange, a youth centre, a bowling alley, Tuggeranong SkatePark, the Tuggeranong Arts Centre and Lake Tuggeranong College.

The Tuggeranong Town Centre is located on Lake Tuggeranong.
Aerial photo from south east

Coordinates: 35°25′01″S 149°03′58″E / 35.417°S 149.066°E / -35.417; 149.066