Tunde ke kabab

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Tunde Ke Kabab
Alternative names Tundey Kababi
Course Main course Traditional Awadhi cuisine
Place of origin India
Region or state Awadh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Creator Haji Murad Ali[citation needed]
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Meat
Variations Many Flavors
Food energy
(per serving)
500 Cl kcal
Other information Famous All Around The World
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Tunde Ke Kabab (Hindi: टुंडे के कबाब) is a dish made out of minced meat which is popular in Lucknow.[1] It is part of Awadhi cuisine. It is said to incorporate 160 spices.[2] Ingredients include finely minced lamb (lamb ground), plain yogurt, garam masala, grated ginger, crushed garlic, ground cardamom, powdered cloves, melted ghee, dried mint, small onions cut into rings, vinegar, sugar, lime.


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