Calamian treeshrew

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Calamian treeshrew
Scientific classification
T. möllendorffi
Binomial name
Tupaia möllendorffi
Matschie, 1898

The Calamian treeshrew (Tupaia möllendorffi) is a treeshrew species found in the islands of Busuanga and Culion, which are part of the Calamian Islands group in the Philippines.[1]

The German zoologist Paul Matschie first described a Calamian treeshrew from Culion that was part of a zoological collection obtained by the Berlin Zoological Museum (in the present day the Berlin's Natural History Museum). He considered it a distinct species as this type specimen differed from the Palawan treeshrew by a slightly shorter muzzle, and a lighter colour of the toes, hair of the tail and chest.[2]


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