Ruddy treeshrew

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Ruddy treeshrew
Tupaia splendidula.jpg
Scientific classification
T. splendidula
Binomial name
Tupaia splendidula[2]
Gray, 1865
Ruddy Treeshrew area.png
Ruddy treeshrew range

The ruddy treeshrew (Tupaia splendidula) is a treeshrew species in the family Tupaiidae.[2] It is endemic to Borneo, the Natuna Islands and the Anambas Islands.[1]

Habitat and threats[edit]

The ruddy treeshrew occurs in the forests of Indonesia. It lives at lower elevations, never occurring over 500 meters above sea level. Although listed as Least Concern, the ruddy treeshrew is still threatened by habitat loss, due to causes such as logging. Due to this, its population is slowly decreasing.[1]


The ruddy treeshrew has 5 subspecies, widely distributed throughout Indonesia:[1][2]


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