Tuya volcanic field

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Tuya volcanic field
Tuya Volcanic Field.jpg
Map of some features in the Tuya Volcanic Field
Highest point
Elevation 2,123 m (6,965 ft)
Coordinates 59°13′N 130°57′W / 59.217°N 130.950°W / 59.217; -130.950Coordinates: 59°13′N 130°57′W / 59.217°N 130.950°W / 59.217; -130.950
Location British Columbia, Canada
Age of rock Holocene
Mountain type Volcanic field
Volcanic arc/belt Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province
Last eruption Unknown

The Tuya volcanic field is a volcanic field of tuyas located in far northern British Columbia, Canada, near the border with the Yukon Territory and focused on the area of the Tuya Range, a subrange of the Stikine Ranges of the Cassiar Mountains, though some vents are in the Kawdy Plateau, the northernmost part of the Stikine Plateau. Several small shield volcanoes, and postglacial lapilli cones and lava flows have been reported in this area. The only nonglacial volcanoes in the field are Gabrielse Cone and the West Tuya lava field.


Volcanoes within the field include:

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