Two Blood-Soaked Space-Horror Hits!!

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Two Blood-Soaked Space-Horror Hits!!
Astroman shamen.jpg
EP by Man or Astro-man? and Jonny and the Shamen
Released 1999
Genre surf rock
Label Loch Ness Records
Man or Astro-man? chronology
Project Infinity
Two Blood-Soaked Space-Horror Hits!!
Deluxe Men in Space

Two Blood-Soaked Space-Horror Hits!! is split 7" EP by Man or Astro-man? and Jonny and the Shamen. It was released by Loch Ness Records in 1999.

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  • Man or Astro-man? - "A Synthesis of Previously Unknown Substances"

Side Two[edit]

  • Jonny and the Shamen - "Stratosphere Mortuary Theme"

Line Up[1][edit]

Man or Astro-man?[edit]

  • Trace Reading: Real-time guitar device 1
  • Coco: Real-time bass and sampling devices
  • Blazar the Probe Handler: Real-time guitar device 2
  • Birdstuff: Real-time drum units

Jonny and the Shamen[edit]

  • Jonny Stratosphere: De-classified guitar and moog
  • Dan-o- Bookem: De-classified bass
  • C.H.E.C.K.P.O.I.N.T.: De-classified drums


  1. ^ Line up and instrumentation taken directly from record sleeve