Two Fingers My Friends!

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Two Fingers My Friends!
Remix album by Pop Will Eat Itself
Released March 6, 1995
Recorded varies
Genre Industrial
Length 61:44
Label Infectious
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Two Fingers My Friends is an album of remixes of tracks from Pop Will Eat Itself's 1994 album, Dos Dedos Mis Amigos. It was released in two forms, a single disc version and a limited edition double disc set and features remixes by various electronic, industrial and hip-hop artists such as The Orb, Hoodlum Priest and Jah Wobble.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Notes
1 "Ich Bin Ein Auslander (Fun-Da-Mental Mix)" Remixed by Aki Nawaz and Fun-Da-Mental, featuring Propa-Gandi, Blacka-D and Hot Dog.
2 "Kick 2 Kill (Jim Foetus Seersucker Mix)" Remixed by J. G. Thirlwell.
3 "Familus Horribilus (Mega Wob #2)" Remixed by Jah Wobble.
4 "Underbelly (Renegade Soundwave Blackout Mix)" Remixed by Danny Briottet Of Renegade Soundwave.
5 "Fatman (The Hoodlum Priest Fatboy Mix)" Remixed by Hoodlum Priest, co-remixed by Andrew "Masala" Burton.
6 "Home (Orb Sweet Sin And Salvation Mix)" Remixed by The Orb, Andy Hughes and Phil E..
7 "Cape Connection (Transglobal Underground Cossack In UFO Encounter Confusion!)" Remixed by Transglobal Underground.
8 "Menofearthereaper (The Concrete No Fee No Fear Mix)" Remixed by Louis Cipher and Andrew Leeds Burton.
9 "Everything's Cool (Youth's Safe As Milk Mix)" Remixed by Youth.
10 "R.S.V.P (Made In Japan, Live At The Budoken Double Live Gonzo Frampton Comes Alive And Dangerous At The Filmore East Apollo 440 Mix)" Remixed by Apollo 440.
11 "Babylon (Loop Guru Babylon A Dub Fire Mix)" Remixed by Loop Guru.
Bonus disc track listing
# Title Notes
1 "Ich Bin Ein Auslander (Die Krupps Mix)" Remix by Jürgen Engler of Die Krupps.
2 "Familus Horribilus (Higher Intelligence Agency Vocal Mix)"
3 "Cape Connection (Golden Claw Musics Cloak And Dagger Mix)" Remix by Golden Claw Musics.
4 "Intense" Instrumental B-side.
5 "C.P.I #2" Instrumental B-side.
6 "Cape Connection (Transglobal Underground Aliens, Bodacious Aliens Mix)" Remix by Transglobal Underground.
7 "Everything's Cool (Youth's Dragonfly Mix)" Remix by Youth.
8 "RSVP (Fluke Breakfast Mix)"
  • Remix by Fluke.
  • Incorrectly labelled as "Fluke Lunch Mix".
9 "Cape Connection (Secret Knowledge Trousered Up Mix)" Remix by Kris Needs of Secret Knowledge.
10 "Underbelly (The Drum Club Bugsong Mix)" Remix by Drum Club.