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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 24 in Illinois. For the entire route, see U.S. Route 24.

U.S. Route 24 marker

U.S. Route 24
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length: 255.13 mi[2] (410.59 km)
Length includes both directions of US 24 where it is routed onto two one-way streets through some cities.
Existed: 1926[1] – present
Major junctions
West end: US 24 at Quincy
East end: US 24 / US 52 at Sheldon
Counties: Adams, Brown, Schuyler, Fulton, Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford, McLean, Livingston, Ford, Iroquois
Highway system
I-24 IL 25

U.S. Route 24 (US 24) in the U.S. state of Illinois is a major arterial road that runs from the Missouri state line at the Mississippi River in Quincy to Sheldon. This is a distance of 255.13 miles (410.59 km).[2]

Route description[edit]

Quincy to Peoria[edit]

From Quincy to Peoria, the US 24 route follows the old Peoria to Quincy stage coach route.

The US 24 crossing into Illinois from Missouri over the Mississippi River consists of two bridges; westbound traffic uses the newer Bayview Bridge, while eastbound traffic uses the Quincy Memorial Bridge. At the eastern end of the Quincy Memorial Bridge, eastbound US 24 overlaps Illinois Route 57 (IL 57) northbound (4th Street) for two blocks before IL 57 ends at IL 104 (Broadway); westbound US 24 turns off onto the bridge at the northern terminus of IL 57. US 24 continues north at IL 104 and serves only the northwestern portion of Quincy.

US 24 overlaps IL 96 briefly before running due east. It has a full interchange with the northern terminus of Interstate 172 (I-172) ; as of 2006, IL 336 continues northbound of I-172.

US 24 then proceeds through a series of small towns; east of Camp Point, it intersects the southern terminus of IL 94. In Mount Sterling it briefly overlaps IL 99; IL 107 ends just south of US 24. At this point, the highway turns northeast once again.

Just outside Ripley US 24 intersects the western terminus of IL 103. US 24 then intersects US 67 outside of Rushville. It enters Rushville from the west and exits north, on Kinderhook Road.

US 24 continues northeast and follows a series of concurrencies. West of Havana, US 24 joins IL 100 northbound, and US 136 westbound, forming a wrong-way concurrency. US 136 leaves US 24 and travels west at Duncan Mills, while US 24 and IL 100 continue north to Lewistown. In Lewistown, the US 24/IL 100 combination intersects IL 97 (Avenue E). IL 97/IL 100 run north while US 24 eastbound joins with IL 97 southbound. US 24/IL 97 meets IL 78, where IL 78/IL 97 runs southbound and US 24 eastbound joins with IL 78 northbound. The series of concurrencies ends in Little America, where IL 78 turns north and US 24 continues northeast.

IL 9 overlaps US 24 from Banner, through Kingston Mines and Mapleton, to where IL 9 splits and crosses the river to Pekin, Illinois.

North of the Pekin turnoff, US 24 enters Bartonville as South Adams Street. Where Adams Street climbs a hill, US 24 splits off onto McKinley Avenue, rejoining Adams Street just south of the I-474 interchange.

Peoria to Eureka[edit]

US 24 enters the South Side of Peoria at the I-474 interchange. Streets parallel to the Illinois River are numbered southwest and northeast in Peoria, and US 24 follows SW Adams Street to the beginning of SW Washington Street, then follows Washington Street for nearly Washington Street's entire length.

At the northwestern foot of the Cedar Street Bridge, US 24 intersects a three-route concurrency of IL 8, IL 29 and IL 116. IL 8/IL 116 crosses Washington Street, continuing north towards Bradley University as MacArthur Highway. IL 29 northbound, however, joins US 24 through the remainder of Peoria. At the foot of the Bob Michel Bridge, US 24/IL 29 intersects IL 40, reaching the center of downtown Peoria.

Just after crossing Main Street, the routing of US 24 and IL 29 becomes more complex for four blocks: NE Washington Street, NE Adams Street, and NE Jefferson Street are intersected by Hamilton Boulevard and Fayette Street and partially by I-74 and Spalding Avenue. From southwest to northeast:

  • Hamiton Boulevard (two-way) officially carries US 24/IL 29 between Washington Street, to northeast-bound Adams Street and from southwest-bound Jefferson Street.
  • Fayette Street (oway towards the river) can enter I-74 eastbound just after crossing Jefferson and Adams Streets or continue omore block to Washington Street.
  • I-74 eastbound (towards the Illinois River) can exit onto Washington Street.
  • I-74 westbound (from the Illinois River) can exit onto one-way Spalding to reach Adams Street (carrying US 24/IL 29 north from downtown) or Jefferson Street (to follow US 24/IL 29 down Hamilton Boulevard a block to Washington Street).
  • Washington Street (two-way) can enter I-74 westbound.
  • Washington Street curves north and intersects Adams Street (US 24 east/IL 29 south), then continues as Bryan Avenue and intersects Jefferson Street (last blocks of US 24 west/IL 29 south on Jefferson).

After this group of intersections, US 24/IL 29 continues north on one-way NE Adams Street, with opposing US 24/IL 29 traffic on one-way NE Jefferson Street. At the Averyville neighborhood, Jefferson Street splits from Adams Street; north of this, NE Adams Street is a two-way street carrying US 24/IL 29 to the interchange with the McClugage Bridge.

At the McClugage Bridge, IL 29 and NE Adams Street becomes N. Galena Road and continues north past the bridge; US 24 follows US 150 across the bridge over the Illinois River.

On the other side of the bridge, eastbound US 150 exits onto westbound IL 116 to form a wrong-way concurrency, but US 24 continues past Illinois Central College east to Washington area on a four-lane divided highway. The highway continues to the interchange of Business US 24 and the eastern terminus of IL 8, (Business US 24 and IL 8 form an unsigned wrong-way concurrency at this point). Business US 24 continues to Washington's town square on a four-lane undivided surface road, which eventually narrows to a two-lane road; the US 24 bypass remains four lanes divided to Main Street north of Washington. The eastern terminus of Business US 24 is between Washington and Eureka.

Eureka to Indiana[edit]

In Eureka, US 24 has a stoplight with IL 117; there are also numerous signs to Eureka College and the Ronald Reagan Trail, as Eureka had prominence in President Ronald Reagan's early life. US 24 then continues east, bypassing Secor to the south before meeting with I-39.

Just east of I-39, US 24 serves as the main east–west road through El Paso, which largely serves as a stop for travelers on I-39. US 24 travels through one other community, Gridley before having an interchange with I-55 west of Chenoa.

East of I-55, US 24 has an intersection with former US 66. It then passes through the towns of Fairbury, Forrest and Chatsworth, intersecting Illinois Route 47 in Forrest. Just south of Gilman, US 24 has an interchange with I-57 before overlapping US 45 through Gilman. The two highways separate east of Gilman.

In Crescent City US 24 intersects IL 49. In Watseka, it overlaps IL 1 through the town; the final concurrency, with US 52 in Sheldon carries into Indiana.


The routing of US 24 in Illinois is largely unchanged from 1926. Prior to 1937, US 24 ran through Canton on various roads; afterwards it was relocated southeast, closely paralleling the Illinois River.

In 1995 a bypass around Washington was completed. The old US 24 became an extension of IL 8 to between Washington and Eureka. In 1997, it was changed to Business US 24, and IL 8 was truncated back to west of Washington.[1]

Since the 1950s, US 24 through Illinois and Missouri has been considered as one route of various Chicago to Kansas City federal Interstate proposals (1956, 1968, 1972). None of these proposals received federal funding or support.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[3] km Destinations Notes
Marion West Quincy US 24 west Continuation into Missouri
Mississippi River 0.0 0.0 Bayview Bridge (westbound)
Quincy Memorial Bridge (eastbound)
Adams Quincy 0.5 0.80 IL 57 south / Great River Road south (3rd Street) Western end of GRR overlap
0.8 1.3 IL 104 east (Broadway Street)
7.8 12.6 IL 96 south Western end of IL 96 overlap
8.5 13.7 IL 96 north / Great River Road north Eastern end of IL 96/GRR overlap
11.6 18.7
I-172 south / IL 110 (CKC) / IL 336 north – Hannibal, Pittsfield, Ursa, Mendon
I-172 exit 19.
27.0 43.5 IL 94 north
Brown Mount Sterling 42.0 67.6 IL 99 north (NW Cross Street) Western end of IL 99 overlap
42.5 68.4 IL 99 south (Pittsfield Road) to IL 107 Eastern end of IL 99 overlap
Schuyler 50.8 81.8 IL 103 east
Rushville 57.8 93.0 US 67
Fulton 84.5 136.0 US 136 east / IL 100 south Western end of US 136/IL 100 overlap
Duncan Mills 86.7 139.5 US 136 west Eastern end of US 136 overlap
Lewistown 91.4 147.1 IL 97 north / IL 100 north Western end of IL 97 overlap; eastern end of IL 100 overlap
94.9 152.7 IL 78 south / IL 97 south Western end of IL 78 overlap; eastern end of IL 97 overlap
98.0 157.7 IL 78 north
Banner 108.4 174.5 IL 9 west Western end of IL 9 overlap
Peoria 122.3 196.8 IL 9 east Eastern end of IL 9 overlap
Peoria 127.5 205.2 I-474 – Galesburg, Bloomington I-474 exits 6A-B.
130.1 209.4 IL 8 / IL 29 south / IL 116 (MacArthur Highway, Cedar Street Bridge) Western end of IL 29 overlap
130.8 210.5 To IL 40 (Bob Michel Bridge) – East Peoria
131.6 211.8 I-74 (Murray Baker Bridge) – Galesburg, Bloomington
134.2 216.0 US 150 west (War Memorial Drive) / IL 29 north (Galena Road) Western end of US 150 overlap; eastern end of IL 29 overlap; grade-separated interchange
Illinois River 134.7 216.8 McClugage Bridge
Tazewell East Peoria 135.6 218.2 US 150 east / IL 116 – East Peoria, Metamora Eastern end of US 150 overlap; grade-separated interchange
138.5 222.9
US 24 Bus. east / IL 8 west – East Peoria, Washington
Woodford 147.4 237.2
US 24 Bus. west
Eureka 149.4 240.4 IL 117 (Main Street)
El Paso 162.0 260.7 I-39 / US 51 – Rockford, Bloomington-Normal
162.5 261.5 IL 251 (Fayette Street)
McLean Chenoa 177.5 285.7 I-55 – Joliet, Bloomington
178.0 286.5 Historic US 66
Livingston Forrest 194.7 313.3 IL 47 (Center Street)
Ford Piper City 206.4 332.2 IL 115 north (Green Street) Western end of IL 115 overlap
206.8 332.8 IL 115 south Eastern end of IL 115 overlap
Iroquois Gilman 216.0 347.6 I-57 – Kankakee, Champaign
216.5 348.4 US 45 south Western end of US 45 overlap
218.3 351.3 US 45 north Eastern end of US 45 overlap
Crescent City 224.4 361.1 IL 49
Watseka 230.6 371.1 IL 1 north (Jefferson Street) Western end of IL 1 overlap
233.4 375.6 IL 1 south Eastern end of IL 1 overlap
Sheldon 240.3 386.7 US 52 west Western end of US 52 overlap
Newton 242.4 390.1 US 24 east / US 52 east Continuation into Indiana
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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