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UBERMORGEN.COM lizvlx & Luzius Bernhard with Guantanamo Bay Prison Guard Chris Arendt
BornEstablished 1995
EducationUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Known forInstallation, Internet Art, Video, Photography, Performance
Notable workVoteauction, Nazi~Line, EKMRZ-Trilogy, Generator Tetralogy, CLICKISTAN, Asylabwehramt, Superenhanced, WOPPOW
MovementMedia Hacking,[1] Conceptual Art
AwardsARCO Beep, Ars Electronica, IBM, Swiss Art Award
Vote-Auction Seal, 200 x 200 cm, digital print on canvas, 2000
GWEI – Google Will Eat Itself – Installation, The Premises Gallery, Johannensburg, 2005
TORTURE CLASSICS Installation Basel, mixed media, 2011
Lizvlx & Billie-Ada from UBERMORGEN.COM during a performance in Damascus, Syria
Luzius Bernhard inside Sound of eBay Installation, Madrid, 2009

UBERMORGEN.COM is a Swiss-Austrian-American artist duo founded in 1995 and consisting of lizvlx and Luzius Bernhard.[2] They live and work in Basel, S-chanf near St. Moritz and in Vienna, where both are professors at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.[3][4]


Their main body of work consists of internet art/net.art, installation, video art,[5][6][citation needed] photography, software art,[7] performance and uses the convergence of digital media[8] to produce and publish online and offline.[9][10]

Their early works were media hacking[11][12] projects using low-tech tools to reach very large audiences. During the work on their best known project Voteauction (2000) CNN.com called them "Maverick Austrian Businessmen".[13] The project resulted in an onslaught of lawsuits issued by Illinois, Texas, Arizona, California, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.[14]

In 2001, they started a collaboration with Christoph Schlingensief for the development and staging of a Hamlet project in Zurich: NAZI~LINE, a bigger than life fake neo-Nazi helpline and exit strategy finding agency.

In 2005 they started the EKMRZ Trilogy, a series of conceptual hacks (GWEI[15][16]Google Will Eat Itself, Amazon Noir and The Sound of eBay).

Between 2007–2011 their focus went into research-based productions (Superenhanced, WOPPOW, KRAFT Series)[17] and Rock Art productions such as TORTURE CLASSICS[18] and CLICKISTAN (commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art).[19] They started to work extensively with video during this period.

Since 1999 their work has been shown in museums and galleries in Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Asia and include venues such as SFMOMA, Centre Pompidou, Konsthall Malmoe, NTT ICC Museum Tokyo, Gwangju Design Biennale, ZKM Karlsruhe, MUMOK Vienna, Ars Electronica Linz, WRO Media Art Biennale Wroclaw, MoCA Taipei, Witte de With Rotterdam, Lentos Art Museum Linz, Biennale of Sydney, ARCO Madrid and the New Museum New York.[20]

They have been represented by Fabio Paris Brescia, [DAM] Berlin and Carroll / Fletcher London.

Injunction generator[edit]

The Injunction Generator is an artistic software module by Ubermorgen which claims to generate on request legal injunctions and personalized documentation in .rtf/.pdf format to force a website into taking its contents offline.

Carrying on with their principles of "radical corporative marketing strategy" (media hacking), the artists produced an effective and credible interface which helps creating one's own documented cease-and-desist request, which is then automatically sent to the DNS administrators, to the site's owner and to some journalists to trick them into supporting the "public trial".

The project is published at ipnic.org, an acronym which mimics the official protocols (Internet Protocol - Network Information Center), revisited as "Internet Partnership for No Internet Content".

This sarcastic provocation (a "public shutdown service") was conceived after experiencing a similar mishap during the Voteauction art project, which in 2000 invited American citizens to put up their vote for auction. At the time an email injunction by an American court was sent to the Swiss internet service provider hosting the site, who immediately took them offline even though emailed documents aren't legally considered official and even though Switzerland is outside of American jurisdiction.

Life and career[edit]

Lizvlx and Luzius Bernhard are an artist duo[21][22] but also a couple in private life.[23] They are engaged and have two children, Billie-Ada (2003) and Lola Mae (2007).

Lizvlx was born in Linz (AT) and grew up in Wels, Salzburg and Elmira (Upstate New York). Luzius Bernhard was born at the Yale University Hospital in New Haven (USA), grew up in New Haven and Basel (CH) and moved to Vienna (AT) to study with Prof. Peter Weibel, and later on with Prof. Lev Manovich (UCSD), Prof. Peter Lunenfeld (Art Center College of Design) Pasadena and Prof. Bazon Brock (emeritus) de:Bazon Brock (Wuppertal) and completed his studies in 1999.

Due to his drug abuse and a manic episode in Cape Town 2002, Luzius Bernhard was diagnosed bipolar.[24][25][26]

Their earliest works were part of the avantgarde Net.art movement (etoy,[27][28] 1994–1998,,[29] 1996) and were exclusively shown online (World Wide Web/WWW).[30][31] This work became part of the Internet art and Digital art history and is researched at universities (dissertations, thesis)[32][33] and taught in (Art history).[34]

The collaboration with both their children (Superenhanced[35][36] & Spielendes Baby – Schlafendes Baby (original title)[37]), the inclusion of Luzius's mental illness and the merger of private and public life led some critics and academics to consider UBERMORGEN.COM as a Gesamtkunstwerk.[38]

Important personal and artistic influences were early meetings with Jean Tinguely, Joseph Beuys, Daniel Spoerri and Eberhard W. Kornfeld in the Basel art scene of the 1980s and with Niki de Saint Phalle[39] in St. Moritz, and the long-time relationship (going back to 1916 during the first world war and the purchase of a Giovanni Giacometti painting by the grand-grandfather of Luzius Bernhard) with the Giacometti family (Giovanni Giacometti, Alberto Giacometti) in the nearby mountain valleys Val Bregaglia and Engadin in the canton Grisons in Switzerland.[40]


Over the last 15 years UBERMORGEN.COM has been part of the global contemporary technology art scene. Some mentionable connections and collaborations from this period: Net.Artists Alexei Shulgin,[41] Heath Bunting,[42] Olia Lialina, Vuk Ćosić and with contemporary artists Aram Bartholl, Paolo Cirio, James Powderly[43] and Evan Roth from Free Art and Technology Lab and Graffiti Research Lab, Franco and Eva Mattes (0100101110101101.org), IRWIN, Franz West, Janez Janša, Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom), Carsten Nicolai, Minerva Cuevas, The Yes Men,[44] Zhang Peili, Jodi, Miltos Manetas, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Trevor Paglen, Douglas Rushkoff, Lev Manovich, Olga Goriunova and Nicolas Bourriaud.


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