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Location of Ugchelen
Coordinates: 52°11′7″N 5°56′27″E / 52.18528°N 5.94083°E / 52.18528; 5.94083
Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
Municipality Apeldoorn
Population (2005) 7,000
Ugchelen, church

Ugchelen is part of the municipality of Apeldoorn in the Gelderland province of the Netherlands, and is today seen as a neighbourhood of Apeldoorn.

Ugchelen is located South West of Apeldoorn and has about 7000 inhabitants. Just like Apeldoorn, the old village thanked its growth to the paper industry, it had a total of 11 Watermills. In 2006 it received a new water mill called The Bouwhof Mill [1]

Although Ugchelen is nearly merged with Apeldoorn, it still has its small town charm.

The most important hospital in the region, the Gelre hospital, is located in Ugchelen.

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Coordinates: 52°11′N 5°56′E / 52.183°N 5.933°E / 52.183; 5.933