Ulica Sezamkowa

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Ulica Sezamkowa
Genre Children's television series
Created by Joan Ganz Cooney (concept)
Jim Henson (concept)
Starring Andrzej Buszewicz
Country of origin Poland
No. of episodes 52
Original network TVP2
Original release October 1996

Ulica Sezamkowa is a Polish children's television series based on the American program Sesame Street.[1] It is one of many Sesame Street international co-productions and first aired in 1996.

The Muppets seen in the series were designed in the United States by Jim Henson Productions, using Polish children's sketches as references.


Characters exclusive to Ulica Sezamkowa include:

  • Bazyli the Dragon, a jovial, furry dragon.
  • Beata, a lamb who thinks she knows everything.
  • Pedzipotwor, a male turquoise monster.


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