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For the station named Ulsan Station until October 31, 2010, see Taehwagang Station.

Coordinates: 35°33′07″N 129°08′18″E / 35.55189°N 129.13837°E / 35.55189; 129.13837

Korean name
Hangul 울산
Hanja 蔚山
Revised Romanization Ulsan-yeok
McCune–Reischauer Ulsan yŏk
General information
Location 177, Ulsanyeok-ro,
Samnam-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan
Republic of Korea
Operated by Korail Busan-Gyeongnam Regional HQ
Line(s) Gyeongbu High Speed Railway
Platforms 2
Opened November 1, 2010
Passengers (2013.04) 12732 per day[1]Increase 9.8%
Preceding station   Korail   Following station
KTX logo.svg Gyeongbu KTX

Ulsan Station (Tongdosa) is a South Korean high-speed rail station located in Samnam-myeon, Ulju-gun. It is on Gyeongbu High Speed Railway and named Ulsan Station with subname Tongdosa, which is located in Yangsan, nearer than downtown Ulsan from the station. The existing Ulsan Station in Samsan-Dong, Nam-gu has been renamed to Taehwagang Station.[2]


The Ulsan Station had not planned for second phase of Gyeongbu HSR, although Ulsan is one of the metropolitan cities. But with constant civil petitions, President Roh Moo-hyun appealed positive reaction,[3] and the station was added to the plan from November 14, 2003. In result, it became the most successful case of second phase of Gyeongbu HSR.

Subname dispute[edit]

The subname of Ulsan Station is Tongdosa, the temple located in Yangsan, not Ulsan. Some Christians didn't agree with the subname, arguing that it is a religious problem. But the Korail made a vote, resulted 7 of 9 committee agreed with the 'Tongdosa' subname. Nonetheless, the subname had not been displayed in the station until 2012.

Unauthorized railroad switch[edit]

Station layout[edit]

| | | |
Platform No. Line Train Destination
1 Gyeongbu HSR KTX For Busan
2 Gyeongbu HSR KTX For Dongdaegu·Osong·Daejeon·Seoul

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