Umanak (mission)

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Umanak is located in Greenland
Location within Greenland
The Herrnhut mission station Uummannaq at the bay of Nuuk (c.1900)

Umanak (Kalaallisut: Uummannaq, "Heart-shaped") was a former Moravian mission in mid-western Greenland, located upfjord from Neu-Herrnhut (modern Nuuk).[1]

It was founded in 1861 and surrendered to the Lutheran Church of Denmark in 1900.[2][3]

See also[edit]

  • Uummannaq, the unrelated present settlement also sometimes spelt Umanak


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Coordinates: 64°29′28″N 50°47′56″W / 64.4911°N 50.7988°W / 64.4911; -50.7988