Umm Hakim

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Umm Hakim (Arabic: أم حكيم‎‎) (died after 634), was a Sahaba.

Family life[edit]

She was daughter of Harith al Makhzumi (ibn Hisham ibn Mughirah ibn Abdallah ibn Umar ibn Makhzum).[1][2][3][4]

She was wife of Ikrimah ibn Abu Jahl,[2][5] he was killed in the Battle of Yarmouk in 634 CE.

Later in 634 CE she was married to Abu Said Khalid ibn Said ibn As ibn Umaiyah on the evening preceding battle of Marj al-Saffar, Abu Said was killed in the battle.[3]

Later she was married to Umar,[6] from him she had a daughter named Fatimah.[4]

Battle of Uhud[edit]

In the battle of Uhud she accompanied Ikrimah and other Quraish of Mecca who fought against the Muslims. She along with other women, beat drums as they led the group of Quraish women onto the battlefield.[2][5]

Conquest of Mecca[edit]

In 630 CE when the Muslims conquered Mecca, Umm Hakim along with Quraish converted to Islam.[2][5][7] Subsequently Umm Hakim convinced her husband Ikramah to accept Islam.[8]

Battle of Marj al-Saffar[edit]

After Abu Said was killed Umm Hakim single-handedly killed seven Byzantine soldiers with a tent pole near a bridge which is now known as Bridge of Umm Hakim near Damascus,[9] during the battle of Marj al-Saffar in 634.[10]