Unboxed (Free Kitten album)

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Compilation album by Free Kitten
Released 1994
Recorded 1992, 1993
Genre Indie rock
Length 40:04
Label Wiiija
Producer Jim Waters, Don Fleming, and Wharton Tiers
Free Kitten chronology
Call Now
Nice Ass

Unboxed is a compilation of early singles and the EP Call Now by the band Free Kitten, released in 1994.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Skinny Butt"
  2. "Platinumb"
  3. "Smack"
  4. "Falling Backward"
  5. "Oneness"
  6. "Dick"
  7. "Yoshimi vs. Mascis"
  8. "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" (Poly Styrene)
  9. "1,2,3"
  10. "Party with Me Punker" (Mike Watt)
  11. "John Stark's Blues"
  12. "Guilty Pleasures"
  13. "Sex Boy" (Darby Crash)
  14. "Cleopatra"
  15. "Loose Lips"
  16. "Oh Baby"


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