Ciccone Youth

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Ciccone Youth
Origin New York, New York, United States
Genres Alternative rock, experimental rock, post-punk
Years active 1986 (1986)–1988 (1988)
Labels New Alliance, Blast First
Associated acts Sonic Youth, Firehose
Past members Thurston Moore
Kim Gordon
Lee Ranaldo
Mike Watt
Steve Shelley

Ciccone Youth was an American experimental rock band. Formed in 1986 in New York, it was the pseudonymous side project of the alternative rock band Sonic Youth and included Steve Shelley, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore and Firehose member Mike Watt among its membership. The band released one single and one studio album during its career before disbanding in 1988.[1]

The band's name is a play on the names "Sonic Youth" and "Ciccone", the original surname of pop singer Madonna.

Band history[edit]

While the band has never performed live, they have released two records. The first was released on New Alliance Records in 1986, and consisted of three tracks: "Into the Groove(y)" (a cover of Madonna's hit "Into the Groove", incorporating snippets of her recording) and the short "Tuff Titty Rap" on the A side (both performed by the Sonic Youth members), and "Burnin' Up" (performed by Watt with additional guitars by Greg Ginn) on the B side.

The Whitey Album[edit]

The second record was a full-length album called The Whitey Album on Blast First Records in 1989,[2] incorporating the previously released 3 tracks. It was rumored they were going to cover every song from The Beatles' White Album, but actually only recorded three cover songs by other artists: "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer (recorded in a karaoke booth), and "Burnin' Up" and "Into the Groove" by Madonna.

Relation to Sonic Youth[edit]

The Sonic Youth EP Master=Dik, released in 1987, also contains material heavily influenced by their Ciccone Youth project. One such example is "Master=Dik", where Moore mentions Ciccone Youth several times.


Studio albums
  • "Devil's Jukebox" box set of 10 7"s containing mostly songs from "Nothing Short Of Total War". Two of the 7"s have Sonic Youth content:

BFDJ1: Come And Smash Me Said The Boy With The Magic Penis / Magic Wand

BFDJ6: **** (Ciccone Youth) / Little Hitlers (Arsenal)


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