Unearthed (E.S. Posthumus album)

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ES Unearthed-Cover.jpg
Studio album by
E.S. Posthumus
ReleasedLimited: 29 November 2001
Wide: 3 May 2005
GenreNew-age, neoclassical new-age, psybient
LabelWigshop Records
ProducerE.S. Posthumus
E.S. Posthumus chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3.5/5 stars[1]
Soundtrack.net3.5/5 stars[2]
TrackSounds8/10 stars[3]

Unearthed, the first album composed by E.S. Posthumus, was originally made available for purchase online through the CD Baby website in November 2001. It became the third-biggest selling album in CDBaby's history. The success of the album prompted the wide re-release to retail in May 2005 through Wigshop and 33rd Street Records/Bayside Distribution.

A key piece to the distinctive sound of the music comes from working with the Northwest Sinfonia. In an interview with SoundtrackNet, the band said "we wanted the chance to blow an ungodly sum of cash working with a big orchestra".[4] Other musicians performing on this CD include Pedro Eustache, Michael Landau, Matt Laug, Lance Morrison, Davy Spillane and Efrain Toro.

Track listing[edit]

In keeping with the theme of "all things past", each of the thirteen tracks on the album is named after an ancient and abandoned or destroyed city. However, Cuzco, Nara, Isfahan, and Estremoz still survive to this day.

  1. "Antissa" - 5:12
  2. "Tikal" - 3:47
  3. "Harappa" - 4:36
  4. "Ulaid" - 5:10
  5. "Ebla" - 6:09
  6. "Nara" - 4:51
  7. "Cuzco" - 4:02
  8. "Nineveh" - 3:42
  9. "Lepcis Magna" - 3:28
  10. "Menouthis" - 3:56
  11. "Estremoz" - 5:06
  12. "Pompeii" - 3:40
  13. "Isfahan" - 4:35

Media usage[edit]

Many tracks from Unearthed have been featured in various movie trailers and television shows. They have been used in the trailers for movies due to their escalating structure, which makes them well-suited for the dramatic montages building towards the credits in the aforementioned trailers.

An excerpt from the track "Nara" is used as the main theme for the CBS television show Cold Case. A vocal rise performed by a female solo singer (Elise Morris) leads into the opening title, where one of the verses of "Nara" is then played for the remainder of the sequence, concluding with a short melody from a woodwind instrument. At the time Executive Producer Jerry Bruckheimer chose the song to be used in the show, he had never actually met the Vonlichten brothers in person. Additionally, Michael A. Levine, a musical composer for television shows and advertisements, created a reworked version of "Nara" that is played during the show's closing credits as provided by the studio (though not as shown on CBS). The track was also featured in the animation for the presentation of the design for the Beijing WaterCube by the firm architectural LAVA.

The track "Ebla" was also used as the main menu music for the 2008 racing video game Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli.[5]

One track from the Unearthed album has also been used in the BBC TV series Top Gear and its stage show, Top Gear Live.

The following list provides details on the movie trailers that have used tracks from the Unearthed album:











  • Prosecuting Casey Anthony - "Nara"


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