Unirock Open Air Festival

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Unirock Open Air Festival
Genre Metal
Dates June, July
Location(s) İstanbul, Turkey
Years active 2008–present
Founded by Unirock Organisations
Website Official Web Page

Unirock Open Air Festival is one of the summer open air heavy metal music festivals in İstanbul.[1] It takes place annually in İstanbul, Turkey. Total 40,000 attendees at first two years.

Having brought the likes of Testament, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Kreator, Dark Tranquillity, Paradise Lost, and Amon Amarth to you over the first two years.

The festival was awarded 4 full pages in the September issue of the infamous British publication, Metal Hammer, and in just two years has grown to international fame with various artists, journalists and managers alike expressing their support.

Unirock Open Air Festival, aims to maintain and improve on already impeccable standards in all areas including artist booking and production with a goal to unite metal fans from all over the globe.

Bands who have participated in the festival from the Middle East include Orphaned Land (Israel), Bilocate (Jordan), and Arsames (Iran) along with our Greek neighbours Rotting Christ who expressed their solidarity with Turkish fans in 1999 when they held a charity concert for Turkish earthquake victims. These names alone are some of the best examples of the way metal music and metal fans transcend all conventional borders and boundaries.

Unirock Open Air Festival[edit]


Dates : 20-21–22 June 2008
Location : Parkorman, İstanbul, Turkey
Running Order :
20 June 2008: Obstinacy, Definitive, Insistence, Affliction, Catafalque, Opeth
21 June 2008: Unleash, Altona, Crossfire, Malt, Orphaned Land, Mezarkabul, Testament
22 June 2008: Prime Object, Heretic Soul, Black Tooth, False In Truth, Moribund Oblivion, Soul Sacrifice, Dark Tranquillity


Dates : 17-18–19 July 2009
Location : Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park, İstanbul, Turkey
Running Order :
17 July 2009: And I Exist, Undertakers, Pickpocket, Rampage, Magilum, Soul Sacrifice, Arch Enemy
18 July 2009: Deathblow, UÇK Grind, One Bullet Left, Catafalque, Rotting Christ, Paradise Lost, Kreator
19 July 2009: Mosh Pit Project, Arsames, Bilocate, Saints'N'Sinners, Episode 13, Firewind, Amon Amarth

Warm-Up Party[edit]

Dates : 27 March 2009
Location : Bronx, İstanbul, Turkey
Bands : The Haunted

Extreme Open Air Festival[edit]

Dates : 3 October 2009
Location : Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park, İstanbul, Turkey
Bands : Biocrime, Carnophage, Moribund Oblivion, Graveworm, Legion Of The Damned, Mezarkabul


Dates : 2-3–4 July 2010
Location : Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park, İstanbul, Turkey
Running Order :
2 July 2010: Gates of Eternity, Belphegor, Entombed, Behemoth, Overkill, Cannibal Corpse
3 July 2010: None Shall Return, Sabhankra, Sabaton, Necrophagist, Dark Funeral, Grave Digger, Evergrey, Amorphis
4 July 2010: Choler Age, Since Yesterday, Makine, Heaven Shall Burn, Korpiklaani, Obituary, Nevermore


Dates : 9-10–11 September 2011
Location : Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park, İstanbul, Turkey
9 September 2011: Baht, Azhirock, Apsent, GROZA, Decapitated
10 September 2011: Dream Ocean, Chopstick Suicide, Nitro, Kimaera, Asafated, Orphaned Land
11 September 2011: 5grs, Gürz, Decaying Purity, Undermost, Ascraeus, Vader, Mayhem

Warm-Up Party[edit]

Dates : 8 June 2011
Location : Jolly Joker Balans, İstanbul, Turkey
Bands Confirmed Yet : August Burns Red


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