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The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Justice (DOJ) is the Office of the Inspector General specific to the United States Department of Justice that is responsible for conducting nearly all of the investigations of DOJ employees and programs. The office has several hundred employees, reporting to the Inspector General. Michael E. Horowitz has held the post since 2012.[1]

The OIG conducts independent investigations, audits, inspections, and special reviews of United States Department of Justice personnel and programs to detect and deter waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct, and to promote integrity, economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in Department of Justice operations.

The OIG's investigative jurisdiction includes all allegations of criminal wrongdoing or administrative misconduct by DOJ employees, except for allegations of misconduct that "relate to the exercise of the authority of an attorney to investigate, litigate, or provide legal advice," which are referred to the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) unless the allegation concerns attorneys who work for OPR.[2]

Investigation related to 2016 election[edit]

Horowitz announced in January 2017 that the Inspector General's office would examine evidence related to "allegations of misconduct" regarding the way FBI Director James B. Comey "handled the probe of Hillary Clinton’s email practices" and whether Justice Department employees leaked information improperly.[3]

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