United States House Transportation Subcommittee on Aviation

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The Subcommittee on Aviation is a subcommittee within the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.


The Subcommittee on Aviation has jurisdiction over all aspects of civil aviation, including safety, infrastructure, labor, commerce, and international issues. All programs of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) except for research activities, are within the purview of the Subcommittee.

The Aviation Subcommittee is also traditionally the lead subcommittee with jurisdiction over the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the federal agency responsible for investigating civil aviation accidents and other transportation accidents. The Essential Air Service program, which ensures commercial air service to smaller communities, the war risk insurance program, which provides insurance coverage for commercial flights to high-risk parts of the world, the National Mediation Board (NMB), and passenger and cargo commercial space transportation also fall within the purview of the Aviation Subcommittee.

Members, 114th Congress[edit]

Majority Minority
Ex officio

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Aviation Week, June 3, 1961: Spring and Summer of 1961, both Senate and House considered a future "independent" Safety Board: initial proposal allowed Board "members" to delegate powers to their subordinates.

House oversight of NTSB: Scientific Integrity, §845.41, Scientific-Retractions, toward an "independent" Safety Board.

B727, N840TW, The Boeing Scenario, NTSB-AAR-81-8, OSTP's Scientific Integrity Policy, a 2015 video-interview, toward an "independent" Safety Board.