United States Senate election in Pennsylvania, 2000

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United States Senate election in Pennsylvania, 2000
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  Rick Santorum official photo.jpg Ron Klink.jpg
Nominee Rick Santorum Ron Klink
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 2,481,962 2,154,908
Percentage 52.4% 45.5%

Pennsylvania Senatorial Election Results by County, 2000.svg
County results

U.S. Senator before election

Rick Santorum

Elected U.S. Senator

Rick Santorum

The 2000 United States Senate election in Pennsylvania was held on November 7, 2000. Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Rick Santorum won re-election to a second term.[1]

Major candidates[edit]




Santorum had gained a reputation as a polarizing figure during his first term in the Senate, but he entered the race with a large fundraising advantage and high levels of support from the political right. The contest began for Democrats with a brutal primary challenge; U.S. Congressman Klink narrowly bested State Senator Allyson Schwartz and former Lieutenant Governor nominee Tom Foley by running on the message that he was the only candidate capable to defeating the Republican. Klink was viewed as a viable choice because he was a traditional Democrat on most issues and had strong union ties but also was pro-life, which Democrats hoped would return votes to their party in the heavily Catholic but economically liberal coal regions of the state. However, enthusiasm around Klink's campaign quickly waned, as he was unable to appeal to either liberal or moderate Democrats. Santorum, in contrast, successfully balanced his national recognition on social issues with local concerns en route to a surprisingly large victory.[2]


General election results[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Rick Santorum (inc.) 2,481,962 52.4% +3.0%
Democratic Ron Klink 2,154,908 45.5% -8.6%
Libertarian John Featherman 45,775 1.0% -0.7%
Constitution Lester Searer 28,382 0.6% +0.6%
Reform Robert Domske 24,089 0.5% +0.5%
Majority 327,054 6.9% +4.4%
Totals 4,735,116 100.00%


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