2017 Allentown mayoral election

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2017 Allentown mayoral election

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  Ed Pawlowski Allentown Mayor.jpg
Candidate Ed Pawlowski Nat Hyman
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 4,758 4,440
Percentage 39.37% 36.74%

Mayor before election

Ed Pawlowski

Elected Mayor

Ed Pawlowski

The 2017 mayoral election in Allentown, Pennsylvania was held on November 7, 2017, and resulted in the incumbent mayor Ed Pawlowski, a member of the Democratic Party, being re-elected to a fourth term over Republican Party candidate Nat Hyman.[1][2][3]


Pawlowski had been mayor since 2006.[1]


The Republican nominee was Nat Hyman, a jeweler and real estate developer.[4] Hyman was the first Republican candidate to make an Allentown mayoral election competitive in a decade.[1] Common Sense Independent Party candidate John Richard Ingram, also a real estate developer, and Solomon Tembo, the candidate of the King Solomon Tembo party, were also on the ballot.[4][5] Ray O'Connell, the president of the Allentown City Council, also ran as a write-in candidate.[4][5] O'Connell; Siobhan "Sam" Bennett, a bed and breakfast owner; Lehigh County Commissioner David Jones; Joshua Siegel; Charlie Thiel, a member of the Allentown school board; and Nathan Woodring also sought the Democratic Party nomination.[6][7] Luiz Garcia also sought the Republican nomination.[7]

No debates were held during the election; instead the candidates engaged in retail politics. Pawlowski worked to increase turnout among Allentown's Hispanic and Syrian populations.[8]

In July 2017 Pawlowski was the subject of a 54-count indictment that alleged that he conspired to provide municipal contracts in return for campaign contributions, dinners and tickets to sports events.[1]


Democratic Party primary[9]
Ed Pawlowski – 1,702 (28.20%)
Ray O'Connell – 1,377 (22.82%)
Charles F. Thiel – 1,333 (22.09%)
Siobhan Bennett – 719 (11.91%)
David Jones – 575 (9.53%)
Joshua Siegel – 295 (4.89%)
Nathan L. Woodring – 34 (0.56%)
Republican Party primary[9]
Nat Hyman – 1,464 (68.32%)
Luiz Garcia – 679 (31.68%)
General election[9]
Ed Pawlowski (Democratic Party) – 4,758 (39.37%)
Nat Hyman (Republican Party) – 4,440 (36.74%)
John Richard Ingram (Common Sense Independent Party) – 489 (4.05%)
Solomon Tembo (King Solomon Tembo) – 200 (1.65%)
Write-in candidates – 2,199 (18.19%)


Pawlowski resigned in March 2018 following his conviction on corruption charges.[10] The City Council selected O'Connell to succeed Pawlowski later that month.[11]

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