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The album opens with "Roar", written as a self-empowerment anthem about standing up for yourself. It is a synth-driven[1] power pop song,[2][3] which contains a "titanic, chest cheating" refrain,[4] a "boom-boom-clap" beat,[1] and has been noted to contain elements of folk rock, glam rock, and arena rock.[5] The song's glam rock-influenced sound has been compared to the works of Gary Glitter and Queen,[5] as well as Sara Bareilles' song "Brave", which according to Forest Wickman of Slate "blends the synthpop clichés of the moment with an anthemic rock sound".[5] The next, "Legendary Lovers" is an experimental worldbeat and folk song,[6][7] which features a bhangra beat,[8] a Timbaland-esque percussion breakdown,[4] and contains influences of country music.[4] Its exotic instrumentation is composed of tabla's, oriental strings,[9] a coral sitar, a double violin, and a sitar.[10] Lyrically, it is a spiritual song that discusses Eastern philosophy,[9] including things such as scriptures, karma, and mantras.[9] According to Jason Lipshutz of Billboard, it is a mystical love song whose lyrics describe "the eternal passion she and her man could experience".[11]

The third song on the album, "Birthday" is a disco,[12] funk-pop[13] and disco house song.[14]

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