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An indian male in blue t-shirt with spiked hair and spectacles standing in a room with glass windows in the background
Arindam S. Roy (User: A.roy20)

Hello, my name is Arindam S. Roy. I have been gaining information from Wikipedia for about six years now, and it has helped me complete many of my projects and assignments, as well as shows, games, movies, history, language, and everything else one can think of. It was only last year that I decided to give back to Wikipedia, what I know, but Wiki doesn't... yet. So here I am, sharing my knowledge, my expertise, and help make this even bigger and better. My Areas of Excellence are : Indian animated shows/movies, Professional Wrestling, Java Mobile games, NES Video games. Languages i know include English language, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese and Garo.

Articles I have started and/or helped become an 'Article'[edit]

My upcoming projects[edit]

  • Chhota Bheem aur Hanuman,
  • Chhota bheem: The Curse of Damyaan,
  • Editing International Cricket (NES Video Game),
  • Editing Ring Ka King.