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Ace Class Shadow or ACS is a Wikipedian known, between 2006 and 2007, for his colorful behavior and active status in the Wikipedia community. Despite time constraints, ACS continued to make occasional edits to the "'pedia," as he calls it, until the end of the 2000s. Following that, he became a more mellowed, on-off contributor in the early 2010s. He has slowly been dipping his toes back into regular activity and hopes to be a positive force in the community moving forward.

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ACS created this userpage somewhat accidentally when he thought someone had already edited it. As a result, he began to take an interest, putting a decent amount of time and energy into it during the days of Thursday (April 27, 2006), Friday (April 28, 2006) and Sunday (January 7/8th, 2007). However, an overall decline in and lack of edits seems to indicate that he has, for time being, decided to edit actual articles as his main priority. Thus, it is highly likely that he will only edit this page when he has the time and/or finds the currently displayed data to be inaccurate. ACS' user page and talk page became frequent vandalism targets in the month of January, 2007. He had intended to make further edits, expanding the following sections to compliment the excessive userboxes.

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The information listed to the right in userboxes is semi-random stuff about moi. For more specific information, check out the following subcategories below. Be warned: I may go, somewhat randomly, from third person to first person and back.

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