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Hello, Wikipedians! Well, as you may have guessed, Andrea Parton is my real name. Because people sometimes ask me this, I am going to tell you that I am not related to Dolly, but I do like her music and personality. I live in Dallas, Texas and I enjoy reading and editing the Wikipedia.

Well, Jeanne Phillips is the first article I started on Wikipedia, before I had my own user name. I am personally aspiring to be an advice columnist. As I strongly feel that advice columnists, as well as Wikipedians, should keep their writing as unbiased as possible, I am committed to following the Neutral Point of View policy when editing Wikipedia. I have removed or revised numerous POV statements on Wikipedia, including some that I have agreed with.

As you may see, I am a very strong proponent of unbiased reference sources. There is such a plethora of information out there today, but so much of it is written from a single point of view. I feel like Wikipedia avoids that problem by having contributors of all ethnic, political, academic, religious, and family backgrounds. I think it is indisputable that bias is part of human nature; I plan to contribute to Wikipedia's articles on bias when I have the time.

Some of my other interests include music, politics, contract bridge, sexuality, and people in general. I have also written some articles relevant primarily to my Texas community; for example, I started articles on Ebby Halliday and Neil Sperry. I have made major contributions to the articles on Jane Fonda and transsexuality and I would like to see these elevated to featured status. Please improve these articles if you can.

Well, because this is my userpage, I have, after much thought and consideration, decided to add userboxes, which will likely include some dealing with my political beliefs. I know Jimbo has discouraged such, but other Wikipedians and I don't have to agree with him about everything. As for a bit about my politics that I could not explain with userboxes, I usually vote for the Democrats, because I agree with them on many things and because they are the most liberal political party in the United States with any good chance of being elected. I feel like communism is the ultimate goal for society, in my opinion, but I am not sure of the best way to get there. I really don't feel like the near-totalitarian communist states that have existed so far have made much progress toward the ultimate goal, but I also feel like we should make a gradual shift toward our goal, rather than immediately abolishing all government, money, and hierarchy, as is favored by proponents of anarchist communism. Of course, my goal is for all of these things to be eliminated eventually, but I feel like change is most effective when it occurs gradually.

For another note about editing Wikipedia, I like to keep articles grammatically correct, and so I usually correct grammatical errors when I see them. Sometimes, when I see pages on other websites with grammatical errors, or which are just poorly written, I wish I could correct them. I encourage anyone reading this page to learn proper English and use it.

Well, feel free to leave a note on my talk page.