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    Hi, I'm AusLondonder. I'm very interested in improving articles related to Africa, Asia (particularly India and Pakistan), Non-English speaking Europe and Latin America. I oppose the deletionist attitudes of some editors based in the North Atlantic towards articles relating to the Global South. I strongly support and enforce the WP:STRONGNAT policy regarding the use of local English spelling, particularly with regards to India, Pakistan and South Africa.

    I also believe that while the systemic bias on Wikipedia favours the United Kingdom to some extent as well, coverage of the United States is far superior and bias is manifested towards UK and European topics in some deletion nominations. Take for example the utterly ludicrous over-coverage of the Kim Davis (county clerk) controversy. A public employee refuses to do her job. Result - two articles and hundreds of hours devoted to producing millions of words on talkpages.

    Article creations

    • Books relating to politics, culture and society and history
    • Member of the European Parliament from Non-English speaking-countries
    • Members of Parliaments and Assemblies from Non-English speaking-countries
    • Occasionally other more diverse topics

    I strongly oppose editors who come to the project intent of pushing political agendas (almost exclusively outside the mainstream). Write a letter to a politician or newspaper, join a party, attend a rally. Don't push your agenda here. It achieves nothing anyway.

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    Great Books[edit]

    Not e-books. Actual books you can hold in your hand. Wikipedia is good but books are great. Some articles I have created on some interesting and thought-provoking books.

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