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Currently working on[edit]


Things to do[edit]

The Signpost
30 August 2018


  1. RCP (Main, 250)
  2. NPP (don't bite!)
  3. Monitor for dab links:


  1. Add mythology section to drums article
  2. Add death (mythology) article with various origins of death, to complement Origin belief?
  3. Add dates to Cenel nEogain Family Tree, poss. use those at Kings of Ireland or Kings of Ailech, plus info at
  4. John Montour
  5. survivals theory (folklore, see JSTOR article
  6. daoine sidhe (see here and Finvarra)
  7. Venus de Quinipily (see here and be sure to add to Venus figurines)
  8. Articles for historical forms of book bindings

Contributions (new articles)[edit]

Requested articles[edit]

The Education of Little TreeAlice McGillAssociated American ArtistsAnn WigmoreViktoras KulvinskasLaszlo BaloghArcangela TarabottiLlanbadrigBlack Rock CoalitionPipefitterFeminist historyHarriet Whitney FrishmuthCherry Hill SeminaryNew Orleans Museum of ArtWycinankiGrimly FeendishXírigaRichard MandellaCharles KurtsingerEdward Dunlop (horse trainer)Andrew MontourMarxist aestheticsBody fat redistribution (BFR) syndromeAnton de KontskiPackage insertUniform reciprocal enforcement of support actprivate carrierTurn state's evidence

Mythology articles[edit]

Adder stoneAngharadAshen faggotJanet BluntJames Madison CarpenterDevatasFenodyreeIckwell May DayJafnharrJinushigamiMay BabiesNevinbimbaauNeteraantmwmw (my bad -- it was a hoax!) • Nettles (folklore)Nikko-BosatsuPhorbasQat (deity)QamataQasavaraQebhsennufQisas Al-AnbiyaThree Generous Men of BritainUenukuUkanomitamaVadleanyVagdavercustisVal sans RetourVammatarVanantVaruniVaughan Williams Memorial LibraryVed-avaUnderwater panthersWarohunugamwanehaora

Other articles[edit]

A. Hyatt MayorAlbert Schweitzer Gold Medal for HumanitarianismAlbert Schweitzer Prize for HumanitarianismAmerican Artists SchoolArchive for Research in Archetypal SymbolismArt & Architecture ThesaurusBernard de Nogaret de La Valette d'ÉpernonBlack Diamond (elephant)Jean BurdenCirquishThe Darkest RoadDesha DelteilFrançois de SourdisDufek MassifGeorge J. DufekFred EllisOlga Fröbe-KapteynGabriel Nicolas de la ReynieWilliam Evans HallGrace HartiganGranville HicksGust E. Lundberggrazing rightsHenri de SourdisInternational Council for Adult EducationInternational Society for Comparative Adult EducationISO 5964Jean de Nogaret de La ValetteKarl II von Liechtenstein-KastelkornJean Louis de Nogaret de La ValetteLeon GilbertManuscript processingMorphology (folkloristics)National Film Preservation ActNew York County Medical SocietyNiall Caille mac ÁedaDorothy NormanOdhams PressO'Sullivan DamWill Oursler‎ Palace Theatre, SyracusePassion of MindPierre Nogaret de La ValetteRaymond DuncanSandy'sSospelSyracuse State School

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