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Hello everyone! I'm an international student in University of Alberta. I'm interested in environmental issues. I believe that human development always has some impace on environment more or less. What we should do is to minimize the impact. My hometown is China, a huge country with booming economy. I'm keep an eye on:

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Hydro is good, no polutant emmision, low greenhouse gas emmision.

Three Gorges Dam[edit]

It is an amazing project.

Wind Power[edit]

Wind farm is good, but it is expensive and is not that productive.

Nuclear Power[edit]

I strongly support nuclear power. Nuclear power in China

List of countries by electricity production from renewable source[edit]

Rapid transit[edit]

Rapid transit is a very useful method to reduce car use in big city. It cuts greenhouse gas and polutant emmision. It reverses oil.It has very high capacity up to 10,000 people per hour in a fixed direction and it uses less space than wide road.

Shanghai Subway[edit]

It's an amazingly spanding system in an amazing city. It will reach over 250 km in the end of 2007 and will reach 400 in 2010. At that time, it will be the biggest transit system in the world.

High speed railway[edit]

High speed railway is a better alternative for intercity transportation. It's fast, save, relax and again, low greenhouse gas and polutant emmision. However, it's very expensive.

Greenhouse Gas[edit]

China will be the woorld biggest green house gas emmision country in the future. But not right now!

Rail usage statistics by country[edit]