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The following table is vastly out of date and was decided to be far too difficult to maintain for inclusion in any article.

Manufacturer Model Capacity Firmware Plugin Supported
Apple iPod 40GB 3.1.1 pmp_ipod.dll Yes
Apple iPod 60GB 1.1 pmp_ipod.dll Yes
Apple iPod Nano 2GB 1.1 pmp_ipod.dll Yes
Apple iPod Photo 30GB 1.2.1 pmp_ipod.dll Yes
Apple iPod Shuffle 512MB 1.1.2 pmp_ipod.dll Yes
Creative Nomad Muvo Micro N200  ? 1.16.02 pmp_nbj.dll No
Creative Muvo Slim  ? 1.11.03 pmp_nbj.dll No
Creative Muvo V200 1GB 1.05.02 pmp_nbj.dll No
Creative Nomad Muvo  ? 1.40.12 pmp_nbj.dll No
Creative Zen Micro 5GB 1.11.01 pmp_njb.dll Yes
Creative Zen Nano Plus 512MB  ?  ? Yes
Creative Zen Sleek 20GB 1.00.05 pmp_nbj.dll Yes
Creative Zen Touch 40GB 1.01.03, 2.11.01 pmp_njb.dll Yes
Creative Zen Xtra 60GB 2.10.03 pmp_p4s.dll Yes
HP iPAQ rx3715 n/a 1.01.11 pmp_p4s.dll No
iriver H10 20GB 2.51 pmp_p4s.dll Yes
iriver T30  ? 1.6 pmp_p4s.dll Yes
Philips GoGear SA261 512MB 3.0 pmp_p4s.dll No
Rio Rio Carbon 5GB 3.02 pmp_p4s.dll No
Rio Rio Forge 256MB 1.33 pmp_p4s.dll No
SanDisk Sansa m230  ? 1.3.0A pmp_p4s.dll Yes