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StubSearch Tickets is an online marketer of event tickets that is commonly referred to as a ticket broker or ticket reseller. The company sells tickets to concerts, theatre and sporting events and operated out of Cypress, TX.


The owner of StubSearch is Chris Kesler and he began selling tickets in 2005 when he bought a few extra tickets to a Black Crowes show. He made a few dollars on them and realized that there was a secondary market that existed beyond the primary point of sale. The business turned into a a full-time job in 2008. Chris Kesler has a degree in Computer Information Systems from Texas State University.

In 2009, the company broadened their online presence to Facebook and Twitter.

In 2010, StubSearch launched an iPhone app in the Apple store.[1]

StubSearch is a Ticket Network partner and has been working with Ticket Network since 2007[2]

Ticket Platform[3] developed the website that StubSearch currently uses.


StubSearch tickets provides tickets to concerts, theater, and sporting events throughout the United States and Canada.


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