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This is a collection of data I keep up with regarding my personal contributions to Wikipedia. Some are exact figures and others are based on informed estimations (such as the percentage of text on Wiki that came from me).

Along the same topic of editing, check out this website which allows people to "hear" Wikipedia being edited. It prescribes a tune for each edit (which varies according to edit size) and each time a new user registers. After a few minutes it becomes somewhat hypnotic and even soothing. A very cool site indeed. Take a listen (doesn't require any downloads).

Created Articles[edit]

I have created 27 articles to date which have been read a combined 810,235 times. Taken together, they're read an average of 1,320 times a day and contain 201,610 bytes (201.6 kb) of information.

Astronomical objects[edit]

IGR J17091-3624 - This was my very first article. Created on 9/27/12 with 4,001 bytes. Current size: 3,867 b
CID-42 - created on 9/29/12 with 2,592 bytes. Current size: 3,682 b
NGC 6166 - created on 10/3/12 with 2,545 b. Current size: 3,954 b
PSR B0943+10 - created on 1/31/13 with 4,021 b. Current size: 4,242 b
NGC 4845 - created on 5/13/13 with 2,446 b. Current size: 2,424
List of ring galaxies - created on 7/29/13 with 3,518 b. Current size: 4,312 b
Arp 147 - created on 11/30/13 with 3,030 b. Current size: 6,146 b
RX J1131 - created on 3/5/14 with 2,970 b. Current size: 3,765 b

Total Reads: 48,783

North Korea[edit]

North Korea's cult of personality - created on 1/9/13 with 18,076 b. Current size: 56,846 b
North Korean postal service - created on 1/13/13 with 4,264 b. Current size: 4,772 b
Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 - created on 3/16/13 with 1,404 b. Current size: 2,609 b
Supreme Guard Command - created on 4/13/13 with 3,693 b. Current size: 8,536 b
Ten Principles for the Establishment of a Monolithic Ideological System - created on 1/21/14 with 5,577 b. Current size: 6,755 b
North Korea's illicit activities - created on 9/4/14 with 27,091 b. Current size: 26,983

Total Reads: 292,735

Tennessee topics[edit]

Evergreen Cemetery (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) - created on 5/15/13 with 1,198 b. Current size: 5,506 b
Old Fort Park and Golf Course - created on 5/17/13 with 7,739 b. Current size: 8,943 b
Andrew L. Todd, Sr - created on 5/19/13 with 5,061 b. Current size: unchanged
Zanies Comedy Club - created on 7/8/13 with 4,268 b. Current size: 5,021 b

Total Reads: 17,805


Alice Dreger - created on 5/8/13 with 1,878 b. Current size: 2,092 b
Christine White - created on 6/20/13 with 2,845 b. Current size 3,676 b
Shozo Tanaka - created on 11/8/13 with 3,910 b. Current size 4,565 b
Anna Wood (actress) - created on 4/25/14 with 1,455 b. Current size 3,628 b
Jesse James Rutherford - created on 10/3/14 with 2,385 b. Current size - unchanged

Total Reads: 390,346


Rare Diseases Act of 2002 - created on 10/1/12 with 3,757 b. Current size: 3,802 b
2012 State Petitions for Secession - created on 11/13/12 with 5,387 b. Current size: 10,963 b
Orexo - created on 7/5/13 with 1,521 b. Current size 2,604 b
MarBEF Data System - created on 8/24/13 with 3,357 b. Current size 4,867 b
Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory - created on 10/12/13 with 896 b. Current size 1,989 b

Total Reads: 60,566

Edit stats[edit]

5,518+This user has made over 5,518 contributions to Wikipedia

For an up-to-the-minute report please visit my Edit Counter.
As of 2015, my real contributions equal ~0.003002% of all the text data currently on English Wikipedia. (Based on an estimated 11.5 GB of text on the site)

Based on stats from Wikipedia, I am in the top 0.3% of all English Wikipedia users in terms of edits. Which is great, unfortunately I have yet to make the Top 5000 Users chart. My total edits equal 0.000563% of the 754.5 million edits ever made to Eng. Wikipedia.

I have edited 3,451 different pages.
I have 5,479 live edits and over 86.9% of them are article edits. As a rule, I try to keep a minimum 65% article edits.
My edits equal over 992 kb's worth of text data either added or removed (from corrections, vandalism reversals etc.) Excludes talk & user pages.

And, by a rough count, I have contributed over 362 kb worth of real data that was not on Wikipedia at the time (excludes User/Talk/Sub pages etc). I am very proud of this growing figure.

I have also uploaded 33 images to Wikimedia Commons and made 68 edits to other Wikimedia projects.

Unique pages edited milestones

The 1,000th page I edited: cubewano, on 7/1/13. My 1,500th edited page was on 11/15/13 Pact of Brunnen; 1,600th on 12/30/13 Military of Estonia; 1,700th on 2/22/14 Ligustrum japonicum; 1,800th on 3/6/14 Citadelle of Quebec; 1,900th on 3/21/14 Human Sexuality; 2,000th on 4/24/14 Phosphofructokinase deficiency; 2,100th on 5/13/14 Aavishkar Salvi; 2,200th on 6/27/14 Cresera affinis; 2,300th on 8/15/14 Virginia State Capitol; 2,400th 10/26/14 LaRouche Movement.

Edit milestones

2013 was the first year I made over 1,000 edits within a single year which was made on July 1 (same edit as cubewano). My 2,000th live edit (in total) was on July 25; 2,500th on 10/15/13; 3,000th on 12/31/13; 3,500th on 3/23/14; 3,900th on 6/29/14; 4,000th on 7/15/14; 4,200th on 1/4/15.

Average # of edits per month
2008: 0.16
2009: 5
2010: 9
2011: 12
2012: 47
2013: 178
2014: 97
2015: 30
2016: 33
2017: 35
2018: 5
2019: 10 (as of June 17, 2019)

Added references[edit]

This is a breakdown of the number of refs I've added to Wiki as of 6/17/19
Added to created articles: 358 references
Other articles: 499 references
Total: 857

Large edit contributions[edit]

This is only in terms of the number of bytes on each article at the time of the edit. Listed in sequential order.

I have contributed more than 30% to these articles:
High Resolution Coronal Imager; Slim Goodbody; Imipenem/cilastatin; MACS J0717.5+3745; Indoramin; Sidney A. McPhee; Discovery Center at Murfree Spring; Smyrna, Tennessee; Postage stamps and postal history of North Korea; Rutherford County Courthouse (Tennessee); Sikyong; Norovirus GII.4 Sydney; Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC); Urugwiro; Christmas Rathri; Ngoma lungundu; Rutherford County Sheriff's Office; Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs; Constitution of Benin; Musan mine; Polarcus; International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office.

More than 15% to:
North Korean famine; Spencer Garrett; Tennessee gubernatorial election, 2010; Khaleej Times; M33 X-7; Abell 1689; Status quo ante bellum; Stardust@home; Lopheliella moolenbeeki; Kevin Gutzman; Rutherford County, Tennessee; Kimilsungia; ±1-sequence; Beechgrove, Tennessee; Ben Lemon; Vibram; Vibram FiveFingers; Timeline of North Korea nuclear program; Electoral history of Ron Paul; Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site.

And made sizable edits to:
Aral Sea; Neretva; Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Fort Negley; Fort Ritchie; The Trail of Blood; 1918 flu pandemic; Krystal (restaurant); Archicebus; Bonnaroo Music Festival; Syrian civil war; North Korean defectors; Satellite map images with missing or unclear data; Lonafarnib; The Andrews Sisters; Lake Borgne; Arms industry; History of banking; Walking with the Enemy; Songun; Religion in the Czech Republic; Korean People's Army Strategic Rocket Force.

Service Awards[edit]

The Signator lv 4, Awarded for being a Registered Editor for 23 days and completion of 150 edits
The Novice lv 4, Awarded for being a Registered Editor for 2 months 15 days and completion of 800 edits
The Apprentice lv 4, Awarded for being a Registered Editor for 5 months 8 days and completion of 1,750 edits
The Journeyman lv 4, Awarded for being a Registered Editor for 10 months 15 days and completion of 3,500 edits
The Yeoman lv 3, Awarded for being a Registered Editor for 15 months and completion of 5,000 edits

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