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Because of a glitch with logging on, this user is now Koro Neil (talk).

Kia ora koutou!

My name is Neil Copeland. I live in Dunedin, New Zealand. I first created a Wikipedia account under the name Copey, a name I used for signing contributions before I created the account, but there was a glitch with the password, and requests to email a new one drew a blank. I assume this is partly because I opted not to include my email address when I first created the account, but it is also because the request link doesn't include a routine for getting unknown email addresses. I have tried a few deliberate near misses—combinations close to my intended password, but nothing worked. Hence—Copey 2. I am using the name Copey for other Wiki projects. A subsequent glitch led to my adopting the new username Koro Neil. For the explanation, see my user page there.

My interests are:

Languages—Particular interests are comparative linguistics, especially Indo-European languages. I am seeking to become more knowledgable in the area of Polynesian languages. I have a reading knowledge at varying competence levels of Classical and Koinē Greek, Hebrew, Māori, Latin, Russian, Old English, Old Norse, Old Church Slavonic, Gothic, French, German, Biblical Aramaic, and smatterings of things like Italian and Spanish.

Christian faith—I am an evangelical/charismatic Baptist with a deep appreciation of Catholic spirituality. I believe that the Bible is authoritative in our understanding of God and in determining the way Christians live their lives, but I find the doctrine of inerrancy unhelpful—and sometimes meaningless, as it often implies accepting as history writings that the writers themselves plainly did not intend as such. In 2 Timothy 3.16-17 (All scripture is inspired by God...) I find no reference to the Bible as a geological or palaeontological textbook. I am interested in the writings of the Church Fathers and the light they throw on scripture.

Māoritanga—Over the last four years I have been studying te Reo Māori at University. I have also been doing other Māori papers, cultural and linguistic, and I have been involved in an extra-curricular kapa haka (Māori performing arts) group, visiting marae and high schools in various parts of New Zealand, performing, and promoting the University of Otago among young Māori. I performed my first haka at the age of 51, which I think is pretty dam' good. I want to make contributions to the Wikipedia in this area.

Music—Folk music in particular. I am a member of the New Edinburgh Folk Club (meets 7.30 pm at Lochinvars, Dunedin Railway Station), and am active in the wider South Island folk scene, participating in all five annual festivals on the Canterbury/Otago circuit. I am a fairly competent guitarist, and play a number of other instruments, including piano accordion, mandolin, 5-string banjo, blues harp, tin whistle etc, with varying degrees of skill. I enjoy Celtic music, contemporary folk, bluegrass, blues, the folkier sort of country music, trad English and virtually anything well-written and witty. I also enjoy quite a lot of jazz, with Dave Brubeck as a particular favourite.

Mathematics—very much an amateur here, but I did work out the factorial of ½ accurate to 15 decimal places before I learned it was half the square root of π. I also worked out for myself why e to the power of = –1. I have a particular interest in factorials, the Fibonacci and Lucas series and complex numbers.

General reflection on Wikipedia—The usefulness of Wikipedia articles varies inversely with the accessibility of a given topic and the number of non-specialists interested enough in it to contribute. The first writer of an article often sets the tone.

Articles I want to edit: Clitic, Haka

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