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"What we are fighting to preserve in this war... are our freedoms which they're trying to destroy"-Nat Hentoff

"It's easier to be disconnected than connected. I've got a huge hallelujah for all the people who're connected, that's great, but I can't do that."-Bob Dylan

Hi I'm Creator 22. See by my portfolio for my works. I hope to do work on political elections as well, but wikipedia is already so extensive in the category that there's not to much more to say. I'm an avid reader of the New Hampshire Gazette and Concord Monitor. I'm also a flexible Catholic who believes in God.

When I was taking my sister to college I thought I saw Paul Krugman. To this day I regret not asking if it was him. But apparently Thomas Friedman's daughter goes to the same college. So maybe it's just the place to go if your a New York Times columnist.

Living in New Hampshire I've met candidates for president and other people like:

If anyone cares, before Biden drops out, I would like to make my endorsement of him final. Best foreign policy doesn't always do what's popular. Biden for President!

as you can see I tend to the left, but Sununu is a great senator and it's gonna be tough to choose who I like in '08. Hopefully I'll get to meet Barack Obama.

Wikipedia: Artificial Ideas and Rephrasements[edit]

I enjoy WIKIPEDIA it is a giant tool and more effective than paper encyclopedias. That being said I believe wikipedia needs a wave of reform. Most of (but not all) of what we see on Wikipedia on the average article is a product of the first four or five websites that pop-up on a Google search. Don't get me wrong IMDb is a great resourse, but its direct feed into the content of WIKIPEDIA is scary. Of course I'm generalizing some articles including featured ones have great amounts of information from books, thesis's and archived articles from varying websites. It's not a matter of verification, but of originality.


Creator22's e-mail is e-mail him with comments.


Here's a portfolio of different articles and sections I have either made or largely contributed to:

From the TIME Vault[edit]

Starting today Nov. 10 I will be adding info to Wikipedia through TIME Magazine back issues, should be fun.

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