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This is the user page for Darmokandjalad. I am a novice editor focused mainly on copy-editing and fact-checking, though I have a few original articles in the works. While I focus on articles related to my personal interests and professional expertise, I am making an effort to improve and expand on articles that will offset the demographic bias I bring to the community.

Fact-Checking & Expansion[edit]

If you know of any articles needing attention that fall into any of the following categories, please let me know on my talk page.

Personal Interests & Expertise
Research Interests
  • Improving English-language Wikipedia articles with information from German-language articles.
  • Improving Simple English Wikipedia articles with information from English-language articles.
  • Helping students of English better understand the nuances of formal, neutral written English.

Personal Projects[edit]

  • Improve article Mars Pathfinder to include better English-language references, greater depth of coverage on scientific results, and greater breadth of coverage on the mission's place in both space exploration and popular culture.
  • Improve articles on NASA's STS missions to include follow-up on results and impact of the research they conducted and equipment they installed in orbit.

Community Project Participation[edit]

Wikipedia community projects to which I've contributed:

Significant Contributions[edit]