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Note to self: 3rr is a brightline & should'nt be reached, 2 reverts max,
If reverted again use either the TP or EWNB.

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IPs/Editors delete warnings[edit]


DELSORT LIST - For AfD[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Flat

Bus routes - WP:NOTDIR[edit]

WP:NOTDIR - used since deleting

New Page Feed/Curation[edit]

New pages feed

Welcome Templates[edit]

Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Welcome templates

Comment - for WP:UFAA / WP:ARV[edit]


Warning Templates[edit]

WP:Template messages/User talk namespace

Criterias for speedy deletion (G1, G2 so on)[edit]

WP:Criteria for speedy deletion

BLP PROD[edit]

WP:Proposed deletion of biographies of living people


<gallery widths="190px" heights="130px" perrow="3">

UK Delsort[edit]

If you include an AfD within the England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland delsort lists then it is automatically also included on the UK delsort page and you don't need to include it in the UK list too. The UK delsort list is only for those articles which refer to the whole UK, not specifically to one of the four Home Nations. Regards. -- Necrothesp (talk) 15:09, 23 September 2013 (UTC)

Usernames - Name with com fail UFAA unless promoting/shitty edits[edit]

This falls under the username policy exception "usernames are acceptable if they contain a company or group name but are clearly intended to denote an individual person"

RFA message[edit]

#'''Support''' - Great candidate, No issues!, Good luck :) –[[User:Davey2010|<span style="color: blue;">'''Davey'''</span><span style="color: orange;">'''2010'''</span>]]<sup>[[User talk:Davey2010|<span style="color: navy;">'''Talk'''</span>]]</sup> ~~~~~

RFA (or just #) indent[edit]


Col break[edit]



{{div col|colwidth=30em}} {{div col end}}

Reply Line[edit]


Scroll box[edit]

<div style="height:10em; overflow:auto; border: 0px solid #088"></div>


Italics stay for Books in See Also.

Archive box/close[edit]

{{Archive top |result = REASON |status = resolved}} {{Archive bottom}}

Merge close box[edit]

{{subst:RM top|RESULT}} {{subst:RM bottom}}

File linking[edit]


Short names[edit]

Wikipedia:Shortcut#List of prefixes

Ref Dates[edit]

MOS:DATEFORMAT allows yyyy-mm-dd as a valid date. MOS:DATEUNIFY says all dates in an article should be of the same format but allows for references to use yyyy-mm-dd regardless of the format used in the rest of the article. WP:DATERET says not to change the date format without consensus or strong national ties (note that Asian countries usually use yyyy-mm-dd in their native languages but are all over the place when using English). Cheers. Stepho-wrs talk 23:08, 29 April 2014 (UTC)

Radio Stations[edit]

Keep per Wikipedia:OUTCOMES#Broadcast_media

Edit Warring[edit]

Read Wikipedia:Staying cool when the editing gets hot

SPA TAG[edit]



*'''Redirect''' to [[]] per long-standing precedent stated at [[WP:SCHOOLOUTCOMES]]. ~~~~

FOR TALKPAGES - Your opinions on bus operators[edit]

Hi ,<br /> There are plenty of big name bus operators that provide shite services, But in general you should keep your opinions away from here,<br /> If you have issues with a bus company - Your best bet is obviously to complain to them directly instead of here :)<br /> Cheers, ~~~~

FOR TALKPAGES - Linking[edit]

Hi USERNAME & Welcome to the 'pedia!,<br /> I see you're having issues with linking ....<br /> Different link names are fine if they're different from the article name (IE [[Wikipedia|'pedia]], [[Bus|Public service vehicle]],<br /> Using the same name as the article is generally not useful or helpful,<br /> If I've not made any sense then please visit [[WP:LINK]] for a better understanding,<br /> Thanks and Happy Editing! ~~~~

FOR TALKPAGES - Images[edit]

Hi, Thanks for adding images to [[]],<br /> The image you've added tho serves no purpose as it only shows a front door to a building,<br /> We try to add images that are A. of significant interest, and B. the whole building,<br /> Thanks, ~~~~

FOR TALKPAGES - AFD (Put K or D)[edit]

Hi ,<br /> When commenting on AFDs please put either {{code|*''Keep''' }} or {{code|*''Delete''' }} followed by your reason, (Headers & your reason '''shouldn't''' be added),<br /> If replying put {{code|:}} before your comment,<br /> Happy Editing :)<br /> Thanks, ~~~~


Hi USERNAME, Before nominating articles editors are expected to follow [[WP:BEFORE]] and look for sources ... which judging by [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/AFDNAMEHERE|this AFD]] you haven't done so I've closed it as Speedy Keep,<br /> In future please read [[WP:AFD]] and follow [[WP:BEFORE]] before renominating any articles,<br /> Thank you. ~~~~

AFD Closure - No Consensus - no prejudice against speedy renomination[edit]

[[WP:NPASR|no prejudice against speedy renomination]]

AFD Close - speedy keep[edit]

per [[WP:SK#1]]. Nomination withdrawn with no outstanding delete votes.

Official links[edit]


Websites & Tools[edit]

Article traffic
AFD stats
Edit summary search
NAC closes
WP External link/website search

tp box[edit]


International Wiki links[edit]


Move/Merge close temp[edit]

Template:RM top

CAT - Wikipedia semi-protected edit requests[edit]

Category:Wikipedia semi-protected edit requests

Pending Changes log[edit]

Special:PendingChanges Pending Changes ALL

AFD Close[edit]

{{subst:Afd top|'''Speedy Deleted G4 by {{u|}}'''}} NAC ~~~~
{{Afd bottom}}


{{En icon}} → (in English)

Cookies pic[edit]

[[File:Chocolate chip cookies - centre of attention.jpg|thumb|Freshly baked from the oven :)]] →

Chocolate chip cookies - centre of attention.jpg

User Warning Sandbox[edit]

User talk:Sandbox for user warnings


Find sources: "ARTICLE NAME / SEARCH NAME" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · HighBeam · JSTOR · free images · free news sources · The Wikipedia Library · NYT · WP reference

Snow Keep - AFD[edit]

[[WP:SNOW|Snow Keep]]

R from[edit]


{{R from school}}


{{R with history}}


{{R from merge}}

Merge Tag - From[edit]


Merge Tag - To[edit]



Daily Mail as sources[edit]

Wikipedia:Potentially unreliable sources


Template:Emoji/Gallery {{emoji|263A|theme=twitter}} [2] - Emoji at cmns

Special Permalink - "This is the current revision of this page, as edited by X"[edit]

[[Special:Permalink/DIFF NUMBER ONLY|1]]

Time - Change when clocks in the UK go forward[edit]

Wikipedia:Comments in Local Time - User:Davey2010/vector.js

Delsort for AFDs[edit]

importScript('User:Fox Wilson/delsort.js'); // Deletion sorting script [[WP:FWDS]] - for User:Davey2010/common.js

Navbox spaces[edit]

If there's a space between 2 navboxes it could be a trailling character so check at the end of the template code (in the article) (diff) or could be a space inbetween the template end and the noinclude (on the template) (diff)

Tabloid newspapers[edit]

Per this Tabloid newspapers can be used.

Readers first[edit]

Wikipedia:Readers first

D actresses[edit]

*'''Delete''' as non notable porn actress, Hasn't won any notable/significant awards, Fails PORNBIO & GNG. ~~~~