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Who I am[edit]

I am a humanist, and essentially anti-atrocity. My enmity is directed at the ruling elite which perpetuate conditions of mass - murder around the world: (nations refer to gov'ts, not people) United States, China, Israel, AIPAC, PNAC, Sudan, American Enterprise Institute, Catholic Church, al-Quaeda, Saudi-Arabia, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, United Kingdom, Egypt.

Please learn about these organizations and people, and make it stop.


I am also heavily interested in Amnesty International and Christian Aid; Chumbawamba; Blood For Blood; Erich Fromm; Psychoanalysis; Communism and other topics.

Wikipedia is a religion[edit]

Wikipedia has no interest in giving quality information on its subjects, except when those sbjects are totally devoid of controversy and have fringe, cult followings. Videogames will have multiple, extensive pages while AIPAC, one of the most important lobbying groups in the U.S., has little to no information. It is unimportant if an issue is relevant to users and others want to provide information on it; random rules of "notability" and so called "non-bias" (a term befitting Orwellian doublespeak) are considered the idols of an autistic, destructive internet population. Rather than concerning onself with the ideals of quality, fact and real non-bias, "wikipedians" choose to follow rules which are basically random and arbitrary. The somewhat democratic nature of a largely anti-humanist population leads to strict censorship on the facts of important human rights violations (among other things) on this site.

Wikipedia is not about quality control; it is about consensus: "It is one of the most characteristic and destructive developments of our own society tht man, becoming more and more of an instrument, transforms reality more and more into something relative to his own interests and fucntions. Truth is proven by the consensus of millions..."-Fromm (my italics)

Anti-Palestinian Bias on Wikipedia[edit]

I read a lot of Israeli / Palestinian history articles and their bias, in regards to the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, is clearly in favor of Israel at least on Wikipedia. Other conflicts with similarity, such as South African Apartheid (which Israel militarily backed) paint a clear picture of the conflict, whereas other IDF actions are whitewashed so as to leave the conflict open for interpretation by the layman. Let's hope that these bigots learn to respect human rights.