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My interests include mathematics (especially number theory and curves), music (especially experimental and noise), cycling, and a bunch of other stuff.

Things to do[edit]


  • better (e.g. bigger, anti-aliased, SVG) graphics: Poinsot1.svg
  • better explanation/graphic for first image: locus
  • how come no pictures? orthogonal trajectory
  • animation(s) would be great: Cissoid_of_Diocles
  • antialias, at least (really should be svg): Prince Ruperts cube.png
  • make a better Cardioid animation.gif Cardiod animation.gif <-- this file name is bad!
  • expand Hessian curve
  • article for the kieroid (Yates,p. 141)
  • flesh out atriphtaloid - the graphic was better before!
  • flesh out Conchoid_of_Dürer - could use more example graphics, plus fuller explanation of construction,

perhaps an animation

Non-math things:



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