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This is a list of Wikipedia articles about curves used in different fields: mathematics (including geometry, statistics, and applied mathematics), physics, engineering, economics, medicine, biology, psychology, ecology, etc.

Mathematics (Geometry)[edit]

Algebraic curves[edit]

Rational curves[edit]

Rational curves are subdivided according to the degree of the polynomial.

Degree 1[edit]
Degree 2[edit]

Plane curves of degree 2 are known as conics or conic sections and include

Degree 3[edit]

Cubic plane curves include

Degree 4[edit]

Quartic plane curves include

Degree 5[edit]
Degree 6[edit]
Curve families of variable degree[edit]

Curves with genus 1[edit]

Curves with genus > 1[edit]

Curve families with variable genus[edit]

Transcendental curves[edit]

Piecewise constructions[edit]

Fractal curves[edit]

See also List of fractals by Hausdorff dimension.

Space curves/Skew curves[edit]

Curves generated by other curves[edit]

Applied Mathematics/Statistics/Physics/Engineering[edit]





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