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Couchbase, Inc.
Industry Software
Founded 2011
Headquarters Mountain View, California, USA
Key people
Bob Wiederhold (CEO)
Rahim Yaseen (SVP Engineering)
Damien Katz (CTO)
Number of employees

Couchbase, Inc. is a software company that develops and provides commercial packages and support for the Couchbase open source project, a NoSQL document database that can be used both as a document database that stores JSON documents or a pure key-value database.

The company headquarters is in Mountain View, California with offices in San Francisco, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Portugal [1].

Couchbase is a privately held company with approximately $30 Million in venture capital funding from Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund and Ignition Partners[2]. Recognition and awards include the 2012 Infoworld Bossie award [3], Dataweek 2012 award [4], Always-On Global award [5], VentureWire's 50 FASTTech companies [6], GigaOM's Structure 50 list [7] and the Gartner cool vendor award [8].


Couchbase Inc. was created through the merger of Membase Inc. and CouchOne Inc. in 2011. Membase Inc. was founded in 2009 and developed and provided commercial packages and support for the Membase open source project, a NoSQL key-value database that leverages memcached technology. CouchOne Inc. was also founded in 2009 and developed and provided commercial support for the Apache CouchDB open source project, a NoSQL document database. The merged company aimed to combine the strengths of Membase (and Memcached) as well as Apache CouchDB to build a easily scalable, high-performance document-oriented NoSQL database.

Couchbase Open Source Project[edit]

Couchbase is an open source NoSQL database that can be used as either a document-oriented or pure key-value database and is supported by Couchbase Inc. and licensed under Apache 2.0. It strives for easy scalability, consistent high performance, high reliability and ease of development. When used as a document-oriented database, data is stored in JSON format which can be indexed and queried.

While Couchbase took inspiration from Apache CouchDB and memcached, it is completely different and separate open source project. It has a separate and independent community, provides a very different set of capabilities, and supports very different use cases. More specifically, Couchbase leveraged and modified memcached technology to provide built-in caching and leveraged and modified Apache CouchDB technology to enable the document capabilities in recent releases of Couchbase. Couchbase open source project[9],[10] development is based around Github source-control and the community is encouraged to contribute to the open source project [11].

Couchbase is used by thousands of companies around the world like Zynga and Shufflemaster for gaming, AOL and MediaMind for ad platforms, and Concur for SaaS business applications, Orbitz and Sabre for e-commerce, and Thomson Reuters and McGraw-Hill for online media.

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