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My interests are eclectic, but I primarily edit articles in these fields (particularly where they intersect). I am this user on Commons.

Banyang Mask Berlin-Dahlem.jpg Africa
Felix Cat-Haha (transp sharp).png Animation
Okiagarikoboshi from Wakamatsu (cropped).jpg Folklore
Thebeskouros.jpg History
Billy Kersands.png Pop culture


These are articles to which I have made major contributions. Featured articles are designated by the LinkFA-star.png symbol.


Well, apparently I'm doing something right.

Hi, Mom!

Seen a blatant vanity image in a Wikipedia article? Post it here: User:Dulcem/Hi, Mom!

Special thanks

This page design has been shamelessly modeled on elements of Ruhrfisch's user page;

Ruhrfish got the design from SandyGeorgia, who, in turn, lifted it from Kirill Lokshin.

The border was snatched from the user page of OSX.

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