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Peter ran into the wikipedia on 10-May-2004, and has loved it ever since. In fact, he even installed a copy of MediaWiki in a Linux box at work, on a standalone network (not on the internet) for use by himself and co-workers.

He started programing on a HP-1000 mini computer in basic, moved to FORTRAN on IBM 360, and Cyber super computers. Then in 1986 he bought an Amiga-1000, and started programing it in "C", and "Modula-2". At work he used Pascal in a Macintosh, and later the PowerMac, and even a HP-UX unix machine. Back again at home, he discovered Linux and installed it on a PC (386) machine. Currently he runs modern hardware, but for the most part has stayed with Linux, except for one a MacMini, which dual boots into either MaxOS X, or Linux.



Publishing, Typesetting & Fonts[edit]

Science & PsuedoScience[edit]


Computer Science[edit]

  • Interpreted Programing Language


Space Technology[edit]


  • Natural Spoken Languages
  • Artificial or Constructed Languages (Spoken). Peter is also interested in spoken constructed languages such as:
  • Wierd languages
    • Aymara language (Artificial language constructed by ancient space aliens? WTF?)

Martial Arts[edit]

Martial Artists[edit]

The immortal Bruce Lee, who first caught our eye playing Kato, on The Green Hornet.

Television Shows[edit]

Fraternal Organizations[edit]